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BATTLETECH mech strategy gets a native Beta

battletech mech strategy gets a linux beta on steam

BATTLETECH turn based tactics and mech strategy now has a Linux Beta. So now native games can take command of their mercenary outfit of ‘Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them. While you work to stay functional as you are drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war.

So this a Linux test build only accessible if you own the game on Steam. Below are the full details based on the news post.

Linux Beta:

The Linux version of BATTLETECH is now available in Beta on Steam only! It will release on all supported distribution platforms. If you are a native Steam user keen in participating. You can opt-in to the “public_beta_linux” branch on Steam. It contains the Linux platform and a number of small bug fixes.

Warning: If you are moving from Win/Mac games in progress to the Linux Beta. We advise that you back up your save games. You should also not expect to be able to move a saved game back from the Linux build to the current live Win/Mac version. However, when the Linux version goes live. A saved game created in the Beta should be forward compatible.

BATTLETECH mech strategy Release Trailer (Windows, Mac)

Multiplayer Warning: Both Beta and Live version players will be able to see each other in multiplayer lobbies. If Beta and non-Beta players try to join each other’s games, they will get a version mismatch error. BATTLETECH only supports multiplayer games between players using the same version of the game.

Known Issues:

  • Typed characters are being doubled when naming a ‘Mech or a Lance.
  • Some menus may be extra light or extra dark depending on the system’s set screen resolution.
  • Hyperlinks are not functional on SteamOS.
  • Logging into a Paradox account always ends in a failure on the first attempt on SteamOS.
  • Multiplayer on SteamOS has intermittent connection issues (better as host than joiner).
  • Refreshing the save game list can sometimes hang on the main menu. Restarting the game should fix the issue.

BATTLETECH mech strategy is at least playable with native support. But I can understand the incompatibility between platforms while in this testing phase.
Also, if you want to get into the native build, BATTLETECH is available for $39.99 USD via Steam or Humble Store.