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Beacon action roguelite native support update

beacon action roguelite linux support update

Beacon is a science fiction-themed action roguelite coming to Windows, then Mac and finally Linux. While gameplay itselft plays like a top-down shooter. Which all sounds interesting, since we posted news back in April. With the Itch release coming available via Windows for $19.99 USD.

So what about Linux support? Well it’s coming apparently, but we just received an update. The news is interesting but may or may not come as a surprise.

Here’s the Linux support update:

“There’s no change on the Linux front – our plan is to focus on the Windows version while it’s in early access, then put together the Mac and Xbox versions after we hit full release. Once all of those are done we’ll be taking a look at other platforms, including Linux.”

So the game engine of choice here is Unity 3D. Which is a huge plus but I’m somewhat at a loss from this update.
You know what I mean, Linux is clearly comes in as the very last here. Since we have to wait through Early Access, then a Mac release. Only then will we finally we see native support. Which could very well be a year from now.

Beacon roguelite First Access Trailer (Windows, Mac and then Linux)

As for gameplay, the players have the task fighting through a randomly generated alien world. Since you are in an endless search for your ship’s emergency distress beacon. Your only hope to signal for rescue after crash landing.

While in your search you’ll not only find weapons and items to help you. You will also be collecting DNA from the enemies you defeat. When you inevitably die, you get the opportunity to integrate the DNA collected.
So you can add this into your genome. Allowing you to alter your statistics. And also gain gameplay-altering physical mutations for your next clone’s life.

Beacon aims to combine fast, frenetic action with ambient exploration, giving the player a rich world to scavenge on their mission to find rescue.

The new Feral Fury adds a host of new content. Including new weapons, items, mutations, enemies and locations!

In the First Access build, players will receive the first four levels, populated with over 20 enemy types, over 50 potential mutations, and more than 125 different items (including over 50 weapons). We’re planning to release regular content updates to the game as we continue through early access, alongside changes stemming from player feedback and suggestions. Upon final release, all purchases through will also receive a Steam key for the game.

The roguelite game is also available for purchase from for $19.99 USD. While more information and details are on the official website.

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