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Beans: Fair Trade Edition update to offer support

beans: fair trade edition game update to offer support for linux with mac and windows pc

Beans: Fair Trade Edition game update to offer support for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Whitethorn Games. Which is available now via both Steam and Humble Store.

Whitethorn Games is proud to announce Beans: Fair Trade Edition. This is also a huge update to Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator.

In the many years since Katie and I started this little goofy game in our bedroom at our apartment in San Diego. Y’all have supported us through thick and thin. We haven’t forgotten about the weird little coffee game that made us able to start Whitethorn Games and get to where we are now. So here’s a totally free major update that adds, among other things, a total overhaul of new art throughout the entire game. A new boss fight, new level, tons of new chiptunes, more recipes, more jokes, and even more zany nonsense.

On top of that, Beans: Fair Trade Edition also offers up some sort for Linux. All due to an email reply from Whitethorn Games. And you have to appreciate their effort.

Beans uses the Construct 2 engine. Also, while we do not have a Linux machine to test it on. The game does include a Linux executable in the package and should run.

Beans: Fair Trade Edition game update Trailer

In the new Beans edition, you can create, manage, and customize a coffee shop. Doing so in this hilarious tycoon game where you sell overpriced coffee. All while abusing employees and watching your customers slowly lose their sanity. The new Edition features massive updates to the already impressive offering. including new graphics, AI, and quality of life improvements. While Beans: Fair Trade Edition is less buggy than ever before, it still retains the rough charm that fans fondly remember.


  • Totally replaced all animations, art, backgrounds, and images throughout the entire game
  • New Christmas level
  • New boss battles
  • Improved AI
  • Improved usability
  • Better level-flow throughout
  • Changed timing on certain events to feel more natural
  • Massive bugfixes throughout
  • New chiptune in every level
  • New cutscenes

Beans: Fair Trade Edition game update offers dozens of hours of laughs. Available on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $6 USD, but offers a 30% discount on Steam. Also taking the price down to $3.49 USD / £2.79 / 3,49€. Including a Linux executable, Mac, and Windows PC support.

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