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Bearslayer fast-paced platformer gets support in Early Access

bearslayer the fast-paced early access platformer gets linux support

So Bearslayer is a fast-paced one button platformer now #available on Linux. Hence an #arcadegame with similar graphics style but different #gameplay from Owlboy.
Since this fast-paced platformer is about a Latvian epic tale hero Bearslayer. Therefore the player will have to be quick and think fast to complete the levels of this Early Access game. Yet no matter how fast you are, you will die A LOT. Sorry, spoilers.

Bearslayer on Linux:

“This version is available for Ubuntu and SteamOS and uses OpenGL renderer. This is a huge milestone for us, because we are using our own game engine – the Ouzel engine and it hasn’t been tested on Linux before. Now all the platforms on Steam are supported and we hope that it will run without problems on all of them.”

While the gameplay is set in ancient Latvia. Hence telling the story of the mythical god-chosen hero “Bearslayer”. Hence one who wants to bring light to the land of Latvia and free it from slavery. While ridding evil crusaders and other evil monsters from Latvian folklore.

Fast-paced platformer features:

  • One-button controls (with keyboard, mouse and gamepad support)
  • Local co-op mode
  • Multiple ways to solve the challenges
  • Sound and music done with Latvian folk instruments
  • Fast-paced puzzly levels

Bearslayer is available now on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC for $9.99 USD.

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