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Beaten Path RPG offers solid hope for Linux

beaten path turn-based tactical rpg game shows hope for linux with mac and windows pc on kickstarter

Beaten Path turn-based tactical RPG game shows hope for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. A big thanks to Peacebreak Studio for providing more insights and support. A worthy title that is due to makes its way onto the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Peacebreak Studio is making its debut into the world of turn-based tactical RPG gaming with Beaten Path. Taking place in a realm that’s fractured, with islands dotting the vast expanse. A once-unified world, is now torn apart. The cause, the Grarl. These menacing entities are the manifestation of the darker side of human nature. They once wreaked havoc and only the might of the Sovereign was able to push them back and seal them away. But no seal lasts forever.

First lets talk about Linux support.

I want to make Beaten Path available on Linux and it should be doable. The game is built in Unity, so I don’t foresee too many issues with getting this built for Linux.

Keep in mind, Beaten Path has not even released on Kickstarter yet. But they do have a Steam page to Wishlist. Since there are plans for a native build.

In Beaten Path you will step into the shoes of Shim, a wise mage. And also Panna, her apprentice. Together, they face the overwhelming challenge of driving back the Grarl, who are making a comeback after a century-long hiatus. Their journey isn’t just about combat, though. As they move from one locale to another, they’ll meet allies, and dive deep into the history of the Grarl.

The grand desert city of Marnew with its golden sands, the lush wooden expanses of the Palimpsests, and the resting grounds of the mighty Sovereign – each location is a chapter in their story.

Beaten Path – Announce Trailer

Strategically, Beaten Path offers over 20 unique battlegrounds, all designed on a hexagonal grid. Think chess, but more intricate. Victory doesn’t always mean being the last one standing. Sometimes, it might require stealth, cunning, or even diplomacy. So it’s all about thinking fast since every challenge might have a different winning condition.

Characters in this venture have unique abilities, skill paths, and even class specifications. You can equip them, strategize, and ensure they play to their strengths. Keep an eye out for positioning in Beaten Path. Placing your allies just right could unlock powerful combo moves and bolster their abilities.

Worried about making mistakes? We’ve all been there. That moment where you wish you could just go back and redo that last move. In Beaten Path, you can. You get a rewind feature. Found yourself in a tight spot? Just rewind, re-strategize, and dive back in.

For those who’re always on the move and hate waiting, there’s a fast-forward option. And here’s a little quality of life feature: Beaten Path auto-saves after each move. No stress about losing progress.

Peacebreak Studio’s upcoming Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, Beaten Path, promises a rich strategic game. With its deep story, tactical depth, and diverse set of challenges. It’s a turn-based tactical RPG game to keep an eye on. Check out their pre-launch page for a sneak peek! Due to evolve into a native build with Mac and Windows PC.

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