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BeatFeral a Company of Heroes 2 live for Linux


#FeralInteractive are looking to kick off a new #challenge with a few good #players willing to go up against the team in BeatFeral, a multiplayer event for Company of Heroes 2. First for Linux on Thursday, November 19th, then for Mac App Store gamers on Wednesday, December 2nd.

For a taste of some Feral gameplay, here are excerpts or “Best Bits” from previous battles:

Both events will be a livestream on the Feral Interactive Twitch channel at 6PM GMT / 1PM EST on the day of the battle. Tactical advice and soothing consolations will be actively encouraged.

Anyone can join in – we just set up a number of open lobbies, each with [FERAL] in the name and people can just join like that.

We have five to six people on the Feral side of things and we switch things around depending on how many people want to play so, in theory, we could have six matches. Usually it works out that we have two Feral people on a team and the others are made up of the general public.

Some of the team use mics to do commentary on the Twitch stream, so chat is restricted to the in-game function.

Which should be interesting, there are some rather experienced Company of Heroes 2 players out there.

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