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BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION adventure incoming

beautiful desolation game adventure incoming for linux and windows pc

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION game is an isometric adventure incoming for Linux beside Windows PC. Thanks to feedback from developers THE BROTHERHOOD. Due to release soon on Steam and GOG.

The Brotherhood is a leading adventure game developer. Also the creators of critically acclaimed STASIS and CAYNE. Both games have Linux support. While announcing that their next release, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. Due to launch on February 26th, 2020 on Windows PC. So I reached out for details regarding Linux. Here’s what they had to say.

We used Unity so Linux won’t be a massive undertaking.
Unfortunately, we will need to redo the video player. As the one we use now doesn’t have a codec for Linux.
Unity has really shoddy video playback. So we needed a third party system to get it done correctly.

Other than that it is just a matter of testing the game. And making sure it plays correctly on the platform.
Linux will come a little later this year.

Clearly, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION is already planned for Linux. While it should be no surprise to see Unity being used for development. Despite some issues with video playback. We are keeping fingers crossed for a resolution before the launch date. Since the game looks amazing. Check out the trailer below.


BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION continues The Brotherhood’s 2D isometric adventure game aesthetic. While delving into a post apocalyptic world taking place in the distant future. So you can explore the iconic landscape. Maybe solve a few puzzles and meet new friends. And most certainly make powerful enemies. While you resolve conflicts and fight for your life. Unraveling the secrets of the world around you.

Players can also look forward to an amazing soundtrack. Thanks to award winning composer and sound designer, Mick Gordon. Who is certainly an known industry name. And maybe you know his work on other titles. Available in some of the biggest games of the past decade.

The Penrose appeared without warning. As a result, the technology hurtled mankind forward. But a destructive event meant that isolation would ensue. The world’s chaos was quiet. But there was tragedy at home for Mark and Don Leslie. With an event that tore apart their brotherly bond. You will that dramatic story. Which spans the 1980’s and beyond.

Explore the Sub-Saharan wild with Mark and Don. And the exploration drone, POOCH. So you can uncover answers and work through sticky situations.
As the Leslie family’s mystery unfolds. You will also go further into the unique adventure of BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. Exploring a modern wasteland to discover villages. Along with destroyed cities and colorful personalities. So you can uncover the secrets of strange and empty technology.

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will feature English, German, French and Russian localization. Due to release on Steam and GOG. With the adventure incoming on Windows PC, and hopefully Linux too. Priced at $19.99 USD for the Standard Edition. Or $29.99 USD for the Deluxe (Mick Gordon Soundtrack, Art Book and Wallpapers).

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