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beautiful desolation adventure game has a linux beta beside windows pc

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION 2D isometric adventure game has a Linux beta beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer the Brotherhood. Which is definitely live on Steam right now.

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION is a new isometric, point and click adventure game. As a result of the developer behind Cayne and Stasis. Well they are back with a new adventure. One that also has an 83% Positive review score on Steam.
And of course, prior to the release, we have been asking for a native Linux release. And it appears we have exactly that, releasing in the Beta Branch.

The Linux beta is now active in a Beta branch. If you would like to play it on Ubuntu etc, please do the following:

Load Steam on Ubuntu etc.

  1. Right click on BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION in your library
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Click on the Betas tab
  4. Where it says “Enter beta access code to unlock private betas”,
  5. Type in this super secret password: thepenrose1986
  6. Click CHECK CODE
  7. From the drop down “Select the Beta you would like to opt into:”
  8. Select “linuxbeta LINUX BETA BRANCH’
  9. Click Close.
  10. BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION should update (~8 GIGS)
  11. If the game does not update, you might need to quit the Steam Client and reopen it.
  12. Once the Beta is unlocked, it will automatically update in the future.
  13. When the game is released, you just need to Opt out of the Beta.

This will update the game to (Check the top right corner), you can test the video playback from the main menu – video settings menu page.


BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION also continues with a new story. While including African inspired landscapes and settings. The 2D isometric adventure delves into a post apocalyptic world in the distant future. So here, you will have to explore the iconic landscape Then solve puzzles, meet new friends, maybe a powerful enemies too. You will have to resolve conflicts and fight for your life. While unraveling the secrets of the world around you.

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION players can also look forward to award winning composer and sound designer, Mick Gordon’s work on the soundtrack. Mick Gordon is also a prominent industry name. Probably best known for his work on score titles such as DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Microsoft’s Killer Instinct.

BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION features English, German, French and Russian localization.

Due note, the Windows PC release is now on Steam and GOG. So be sure to grab the Linux build on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD and $29.99 USD for the Deluxe version of the game.

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