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Below the Stone dwarf roguelite due to get native

below the stone dwarf roguelite games due to get support for linux with windows pc

Below the Stone dwarf roguelite games due to getting support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Strollart. Due to make its way onto Steam next year.

Strollart’s Below the Stone is a back to the past hand drawn roguelike arriving in 2022. Due to be published by Apogee Entertainment. While inviting treasure seekers to join the Explorer’s Guild of Draggas as an apprentice dwarf. Who is also continuing the sacred dwarven tradition of mining. Descend into procedurally generated, pixel art biomes, while you dig for treasure and ore. All to obtain crucial upgrades for the next run. You will also discover the hidden world underneath the stone. Explore carefully, for anything earned in the mine is lost forever upon a Depth Dweller’s demise.

The Below The Stone risk of demise will also be making a Linux debut. According to a recent email from Strollart.

It is extremely likely we’ll have Linux support since we are using Unity3D! I’m sure you know Unity’s flexibility when it comes to porting!

Strollart also mentions the support of their publisher, Apogee Entertainment. Who are due to help with porting if they hit roadblocks with the Linux build. So of course, being that this is early in the development process, details of a day one release are not available. But it’s also a pleasure to see the developer focusing on Linux. And the project is also coming back to Kickstarter soon (end of August 2021).

Below The Stone Trailer

Below The Stone is a vicious roguelite about the cost of progress. Since every corner could lie treasure or death. Dwarves like yourself enter the dangerous underground, putting your life on the line. Doing so for the sake of something greater than yourself, the might and power of the Dwarven Kingdom. Where your life is only as valuable as what you bring back. So don’t go dying on us, green beard!

You’ll be sent below the surface to collect metal and precious gems that your kin request of you. However, you can keep any extra you gain in Below The Stone. So you can make a new pickaxe, a sword, and some armor. Whatever increases your odds of coming back on your next trip!

For more information on Strollart’s underground tale in this dwarf roguelite. Be sure to check out the Below The Stone official website. Follow the studio on their website, Twitter, and Discord. You can also Wishlist the game on Steam as well.

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