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Beneath action horror adventure needs you

beneath action horror adventure game needs you for linux with windows pc

Beneath action horror adventure game needs you for Linux with Windows PC. Yet again, due to the work and effort of developer Camel 101. Which is working to creep its way onto Steam.

The award-winning independent studio Camel 101 is eager to announce Beneath. Which is their latest heart pounding first person action horror adventure game. One that also takes place in the mysterious depths of the ocean.

On top of that, Camel 101 offers hope for native Linux support:

As you may know, it’s not just building the game to Linux and call it a day. We will need to do extensive testing and that takes time and resources.
This really depends on the interest of people in a Linux build, but if possible we will surely do it.

While this seems hopeful, the first part of the email reply is deceptive. Stating, “the engine being used in Unity 2021, so yes it will be able to be ported to Linux.” However, as the email continues, it all comes down to the demand of the community. And quite honestly, Beneath would make for a great Linux native release. Both for the setting design and art style, as well as the action. Even more so if this also includes Steam Deck support.

You can cast your vote and show your Tux Love in the Discussion Post. Maybe the trailer below will inspire you.

Beneath – Announcement Trailer

In Beneath you play as veteran deep-sea diver Noah Quinn. Who must escape a treacherous underwater world filled with terrors beyond imagining. Armed with weapons and wits, Noah Quinn knows he will have to face the horror. At least if he has any chance of escape.

But some horrors are beyond bullets, and Quinn’s mental state is on the brink of collapse. He must avoid succumbing to madness if he ever hopes to reach the surface again.


  • Resource management: Make every shot count! While there are a variety of weapons to pick from. Remember ammo is scarce and must be scavenged.
  • Sanity: Beware of your sanity in Beneath. Since you face monstrous horrors beyond awareness.
  • Tactical combat: Survival requires you to play smart. Since firepower isn’t always the solution.
  • Uncover secrets: Unearth the secrets of the deep by gathering information from the settings.
  • Confront unspeakable creatures: vulnerable to unstoppable, face off against a variety of enemies with your cunning and weapons.
  • Dynamic combat system: Adaptive enemy AI, destructible setting, and customizable weapons.
  • Deep-sea diving suit: Thanks to your suit, you’ll be able to explore both the ocean floor. As well as underwater stations of the deep sea.

Beneath action horror adventure game is coming to Steam. The release date is still TBD. But here is solid hope for Linux support with Windows PC with your support.

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