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Best of Kalypso Bundle comes with native support

best of kalypso bundle comes with native support for games on linux mac windows pc

Best of Kalypso Bundle comes with native support for games on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. All thanks to the those creative folks at Humble Bundle. Which you can see for yourself in this pay what you want bundle.

Best of Kalypso Bundle comes loaded with Tropico, Dungeons, Spacebase Startopia and a lot more. While you command empires, the underground, and the stars in some of the most popular games from Kalypso Media. Shape the fate of your nation in the two most recent entries of the iconic Tropico series. While you unite the forces of evil and construct the realm’s most fearsome dungeon in the Dungeons trilogy. Build your earthbound Railway Empire and cosmic Spacebase Startopia. Also, support the charity of your choice with your purchase.

This is the premise of Best of Kalypso Bundle you can expect a heap of Linux support. More so than recent Humble Bundles. With a total cost for the games in this bundle which is as much as $234 USD. Of course the Humble Bundle lets you choose the price and increase your pledge. While tempting you with a minimum of $1 USD purchase. However, the real action happens starting at the $10 USD tier.

$1 USD for Best of Kalypso Bundle

  • Dungeons (with Proton)
  • Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (with Proton)

$10 USD

  • Commandos 2 – HD Remaster (with Proton)
  • Dungeons 3
  • Tropico 5
  • Disciples: Liberation – 25% off Coupon
  • Port Royale 4 Standard Edition – 25% off Coupon

Best of Kalypso Bundle pay more than the average $12.92 USD

  • Sudden Strike 4
  • Dungeons 2


  • Tropico 6
  • Railway Empire
  • Spacebase Startopia

All of the games in Best of Kalypso Bundle are available for Windows PC. While 9 game are available with Linux support. Of course, with this bundle you can also choose where the money goes. So either between the developer and a charity of your choice via PayPal Giving Fund. Giving you a chance to make a choice and pay what you want.

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