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Beta Testing for the native Desperados III release

beta testing for the desperados III linux release alongside windows pc

Beta Testing for the Linux Desperados III release alongside Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from developer Mimimi Games. Which is now live on Humble Store, Steam and GOG. Which is NOT on sale, sadly.

As of this month, Desperados III released on Windows PC. With that the Steam reviews are 96% Overwhelmingly Positive. Which is rather epic and people still sing its praises. And also hailed as one of the best rated real-time tactical games in years.

But developer Mimimi Games won’t stop there. They will be releasing the season pass with three additional missions later this year. The team will also release two free content updates in July and August. Each due to feature 4 new Baron’s challenge bonus missions. Plus as we previously stated, Beta Testing, with an update coming later this summer. Adding both Linux and Mac support.

So now Mimimi Games are revealing further details about the Linux beta. Including plans for the release of native support.

Beta Testing for the Linux

We are still collecting applications. And are preparing the Linux version for our internal and external QA sessions.
Once we fixed all known issues, we would like to start with this Beta round.

Since the developers are still collecting applications. It’s best to follow their previous post from 2018. Just in case you want to get into the action.

How to apply:

If you are interested, please write a short mail to [email protected]. Mention the system and Linux version you would participate with. And also how much time you are willing to spend on playing and providing feedback (mostly reporting bugs and maybe running performance checks and such things). Make sure to include your steam ID as well (which looks like ).
We’ll ask no personal data, we just want to be able to pick a few Desperados III players. All eager to improve the experience for their fellow Linux gaming buddies

So, provided the development Beta Testing comes together as expected. The developers are “aiming for the end of July” to test Linux support. Which is certainly good news. Since the Beta will be kicking off soon, the release “would be later this summer.”

Likewise, get ready to start your journey with John Cooper and his fellow Desperados. Help stop the greedy and power-hungry DeVitt Company. While you are waiting the Linux installation, have a look at the live action release trailer. If you haven’t seen this yet. This gives you a quick peek into the wild west tale you are about to witness.

Desperados III – Release Trailer

You can’t wait to try Desperados III for yourself? Well, here is your chance to get involved in testing. And of course, hardcore tactical stealth game is now available on Humble Store, Steam and GOG.

Desperados III is available now, priced at $49.99 USD / €49.99 / £44.99. Which is only on Windows PC. And hopefully we will have a smooth Linux and Mac Beta Testing next month.

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