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Beta version releases for Superhot backers


Superhot the rather unique first-person shooter, just #released a beta to Kickstareter backers. An #FPS considered to be a milestone in gameplay, which you can see in the highlights below:

In Superhot, time moves only when you move. This simple mechanic creates gameplay that is not all about precision, the players main weapon is all about careful aiming and smart planning. Giving you the opportunity to plan your next move, sidestep bullets, smash an enemy, grab their weapon in mid-air and use it on a foe coming at you. Making the combat gameplay of Superhot‘s environment into a puzzle.

“Thank you one more time for your awesome support and trust, for spreading the word of SUPERHOT and for all the love we got from you! This is a great day for us, and I hope it will be a great day for you too, once you find the SUPERHOT beta steam-key in your email inbox and activate it in the steam app

Note that the beta is limited, we only send it to the people who pledged the $40 tier and above. We’re a bit shy to release an unfinished game, but were doing it exclusively for you! There is no way to “buy into” the beta.”

The team behind Superhot are also encouraging backers who play the Beta spread the word, “feel free to post screenshots / videos of the beta if you’d like to, we’re cool with that.”

Superhot will launch for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Xbox One, sometime in the last quarter of the year. Developer by Superhot Team, a group of developers from Łódź, Poland.

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