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Beyond a Steel Sky gets a brand new dev diary

beyond a steel sky adventure thriller game linux and windows pc new dev diary

Beyond a Steel Sky adventure thriller game for Linux and Windows PC gets a brand new dev diary. All from the creative efforts of developer Revolution Software. The game is currently available on Steam, GOG, but discounted on Humble Store.

Studio Revolution Software are eager to unveil a new Dev Diary for Beyond a Steel Sky. Now exploring the game’s themes. From Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series. With art direction by Dave Gibbons, legendary comic book artist behind Watchmen. Beyond a Steel Sky is the spiritual successor to the classic Beneath a Steel Sky.

A major theme of the game is an aspiration. “It can be both positive and negative. From a personal perspective, you can be driven to achieve things that you wouldn’t be able to do previously. But that can make you very competitive, and want to put other people down as you aspire.” In Beyond a Steel Sky, this translates into Qdos, a currency rewarding people for doing something that an A.I. believes is beneficial to society. “The problem, of course, is that the A.I. is the one that decides what’s good, and conversely what’s bad. And that might not be the best of ideas.”

Beyond a Steel Sky l Dev Diary: The Themes (Linux, Windows PC)

Beyond a Steel Sky also cleverly uses hacking both thematically and as a gameplay mechanic. Hacking allows players to look into the logic of all the hacked devices. Then topped the world around them. Changing the logic of the world means unexpected things happen, for both the player. But particularly for people in this world. Since the people know that the A.I. is never wrong. Also leading to interesting outcomes, and puzzle solving. “Of course, this is just a video game story. Players need to decide whether they think that any of the themes bear any relationship whatsoever to modern day society” concludes Charles.


  • A luring sci-fi world – An adventure set within a dynamic world. Beyond a Steel Sky is full of willful characters driven by motifs that the player can subvert. Coming with a unique hacking tool, multiple answer to puzzles emerge from player choices.
  • A thrilling story full of humor – Unravel dark plots, defeat a terrifying foe in this dramatic, humorous cyberpunk thriller. While explores modern themes: social control, AI, and total surveillance.
  • A unique 3D comic book art style – A beautifully detailed, comic book styled world. Right from the mind of legendary comic artist Dave Gibbons.
  • Ingenious puzzles – Smart puzzles are built with an alluring dramatic story. All due to deliver a gripping gameplay experience.

Beyond a Steel Sky adventure thriller is available on Steam, GOG, but discounted 30% on Humble Store. The base price is $34.99 USD / £29.99 / 29,99€. Including support for Linux and Windows PC.

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