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Beyond Blue underwater gameplay footage

beyond blue underwater gameplay footage on linux mac windows

Beyond Blue the underwater narrative adventure has new gameplay for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developmer E-Line Media is eager to unveil the latest in-game footage as they celebrate this week’s launch of BBC Studios’ Blue Planet II on Netflix. Since the games coming to Steam in Early 2019.

Dive into Beyond Blue’s most beautiful region yet – the atoll. So now you can get an up-close-and-personal swim-through look at this ringed coral reef. Also complete with impossibly blue waters and underwater vistas you won’t find anywhere else below the waves. Check it the underwater experience in the gameplay below.

Beyond Blue underwater gameplay (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Gameplay takes places around the rim of an extinct volcano. Since is largely below sea level, this atoll plays host to a thriving and diverse collection of coral species. Representing one of nature’s most awe-inspiring wonders.
So what can we learn from these naturally-forming bio-diverse microcosms? And what secrets could they help us unlock when looking to the future of this blue planet?

From what we see about in the trailer. Gameplay seems to hold a focus on exploration. Mind you there are some epic visual. I’m eager to experience the game for myself, hopefully there is more adventure in the mix. But it looks really good so far.

Created in partnership with BBC Studios and featuring exclusive, never-before-seen footage from Blue Planet II. While building upon the foundations set by E-Line’s previous BAFTA award-winner, Never Alone.

According to E-Line, this is a spiritual successor, offering a compelling gameplay experience. Blending a rich story and underwater exploration with resource management. All while drawing upon the knowledge of some of the field’s leading ocean experts.

Beyond Blue will be available in early 2019 on Linux, Mac, Windows via Steam. While Blue Planet II is available this week on Netflix, courtesy of BBC Studios.

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