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Beyond Contact sci-fi survival seeks your VOTE

beyond contact sci-fi survival game seeks your vote for linux support with windows pc

Beyond Contact sci-fi survival game seeks your VOTE for Linux support with Windows PC. Thanks to the reply and efforts of developer Playcorp Studios. Which is already going strong on Steam Early Access with Very Positive reviews.

Koch Media and Playcorp announce the release of Beyond Contact. The new survival title releases into Early Access on Steam. Due to remain in development for 6 months. Due to adding all the necessary polish to the game with a focus on empowering the players in the development process. On top of this, the developer has also offered a place to VOTE. Linux support is an option, but the developers has a place in their forum for voting.

This all comes about through in the Steam Discussions thread. What started as a simple request for Linux, turned into me creating a link in the games forum. Now voting for a Linux build is under way. Plus I really like to see Beyond Contact, a Unity 3D game, receive native support.

Beyond Contact – Steam Early Access Release Trailer

Beyond Contact is a survival game. Gameplay design is inspired by the art and style of pulp science-fiction comics. Including the moral dilemmas of modern science fiction films. Plus the unforgiving gameplay of survival genre classics. The game features exploration and discovery, with a robust system of research and crafting. While offering easy to use base building, farming, creature feeding, and much more. Beyond Contact will have story driven aim to save the planet’s citizens. With enough fauna, flora, and extreme weather conditions to challenge you. Even if you are the toughest survival player a thousand times over.

Core Features:

  • Dynamic 3D Engine: Dynamically diverse, robustly detailed, and surely deadly world. Beyond Contact is powered by Unity 3D game engine, with direct support from Unity.
  • Science Fiction Setting: Utilize your Space Corps issued supplies. Such as weapons and AtmoSuits to explore the diverse alien setting. While you discover amazing creatures and unusual plants. Then finally come face to face with the ancient population of Ketern.
  • Robust Research and Crafting: Scan, collect, mine, and scavenge the planet’s exotic materials. All while utilizing the deep and rewarding research and crafting system. So you can survive and thrive on the dying planet. Since you will face fierce dwellers in Beyond Contact.
  • Intuitive Base Building and Power Grid System: Build, expand, and defend your base of action. In the mean time, you will also push the unique power grid system to its limits.
  • Story Driven Quests and Factional Alien NPCs: Work with alien populus and discover early unknown tech. Then uncover the truth of the planet’s demise along your journey to help the locals.

Beyond Contact is being developed with a focus, first and foremost, and on the players. Doing so in order to create a game that players will be truly proud of. Featuring new ideas, upvote tools and a community driven bug reporting. This is the Early Access content plan that is built out over the next six months and beyond.

However, Beyond Contact sci-fi survival game still seeks your VOTE for Linux support with Windows PC. Which is doing well on Steam Early Access. All priced at $14.99 USD.