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Beyond Earth Price increased 80 percent on Steam for Austalia

+2KGames increased the #preorder price of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth on Steam by 80 percent for Australian and New Zealand customers, according to the game’s listing on the distribution platform.

The spiritual successor to 1999s Alpha Centauri was initially listed as $49.99 AUD and $50 NZD for Australia and New Zealand, respectively. Spotted by Steam community members and Reddit user boffhead, the price increased to $89.99 AUD and $90 NZD on August 23.

Consumers in the region have long-suffered inflated video game costs, even when retailers endeavour to keep prices fair. In 2012, Green Man Gaming had to increase the price for Borderlands 2 and XCOM Enemy Unknown in Australia and New Zealand at the “request of the publisher based on local retailer feedback.” We’ve reached out to 2K Australia and Steam to confirm if the recent price fluctuation was a mistake and, if not, why the increase.

Beyond Earth will be released worldwide on October 24 for Linux, Windows PC and Mac. The science fiction-themed entry differs greatly from other titles in the real-time strategy series and offers players a new world and civilization.

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