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Beyond Enemy Lines quietly debuts on Linux

beyond enemy lines quietly debuts in linux windows games

While this is not an official announcement for #BeyondEnemyLines on Linux. The tactical stealth #games currently available for #Windows. Yet for most Linux gamers, it’s expected that an Unreal Engine 4 title should have a native debut.
Developer Polygon Art is a one-man show doing all the work himself. While keeping up with the community requests for Linux. So this is not a full out release:

“The currently available version for Linux is a very basic test version. With no support for Achievements, Cloud Savegames, DLCs or the upcoming Mission Editor.
As I’m a single person developing Beyond Enemy Lines. Resources are very limited and I’m ‘forced’ to use Unreal Engine 4 Cross [platform] Compile. This allows me to build a Linux version from a Windows system. With the downside of not supporting Engine Plugins. This leads to not working Steam Achievements and DLC checks which are done via Engine Plugin.

There is no set release date, but the base game is already playable with it’s limitations on Linux.”

So what does this mean? Well, first off, this is the games Linux beta release. Since the Tux build is available in the games beta branch. The Beyond Enemy Lines listing on only shows Windows support on Steam. Yet the beta build does not have Steam Achievements or DLC checks. Which really is not a big deal, personally. Yet gives Linux gamers a chance to play test the game and share some feed back in the Discussions.

How to install Beyond Enemy Lines for Linux:

  • Right-click Beyond Enemy Lines, select Properties
  • Then select the Beta tab, and from the dropdown click on linux
  • From here, just click Close and install the game.

How to install beyond enemy lines on linux

The gameplay gives the player the freedom to choose their path, since you are a Special Agent. While equipped with state of the art weapons and equipment. The player is tasked absolute secrecy as a lone wolf far beyond enemy lines. So it’s your missions to regain control of a satellite equipped with nuclear missiles. All captured by Soviet separatists.
Therefore, as a player yo have to think your way in. Observe your enemies, sneak into their base and complete your objective. Since you have total freedom to choose your path. Either guns blazing or silent assassin, it’s your choice. Beyond Enemy Lines is an unforgiving, intense experience. So skill and tactical decisions matter.

Beyond Enemy Lines – Launch Trailer

Beyond Enemy Lines Features:

  • Oldschool Hardcore: Beyond Enemy Lines is a true PC Hardcore Tactical Shooter. No Aim-Assistance, no unnecessary tooltips, no restrictions. Learn to control the recoil, read the terrain and adapt your tactics – Beyond Enemy Lines is an unforgiving, intense experience where skill and tactical decisions matter!
  • Smart AI System: An unforgiving, new generation of combat AI. Beyond Enemy Lines features an independent-minded AI, meaning that each enemy operates without pre-scripted behaviour. All enemies react dynamically to each threat, and decide their tactics based on a new, innovative moral system. You’ll never know what they’ll do next or where they are patrolling. They will communicate, organize and sneak up on you, so be ready to face them!
  • Advanced Fighting Mechanics: You will fight with various weapons against a numerically superior enemy. Make sure to use all available tactical elements and gadgets to decide the struggle in your favour. Use your knife, a silenced pistol, the map computer or even a whistle to distract guards and strike from the shadows. Or grab an assault rifle and a shotgun and go the offensive way!

Take-down’s, Solutions and Content:

  • Unlimited Solution System: All missions are available in an open way. There are thousands of routes, so make use of your equipment to find the most efficient way of completing your mission!
  • Noise Calculation System: Beyond Enemy Lines utilizes a movement based noise calculation system. Each move or action will result in a noise with a different intensity, calculated from your movement.Act carefully, the enemy will hear you!
  • Content: Beyond Enemy Lines will launch with an eight missions long campaign and two special standalone missions, with a combined average playtime of 10-15h on the first playtrough. Several new missions, each with an average playtime of 1h. These will be available for free after the full release.
  • Replayability: Beyond Enemy Lines is a hardcore tactical shooter. With a specific design to be replayable, numerous times. So there are no savegames while in a mission. Hence beating the game becomes a true challenge. It takes patience and dedication to beat this game, which makes it stand out among casual titles that are so prevalent in current times. Expect your raw skill to be tested in an unforgiving way!

Beyond Enemy Lines is available right now on Steam for Windows at ‎$18.99 USD. Yet players can access the games Beta branch to play the Linux build right now.