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Beyond Mankind: The Awakening now has a port

beyond mankind: the awakening old school type rpg releases a linux build with windows pc

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening old school type RPG game gets a Linux build with Windows PC, officially. Thanks to the ongoing commitment and effort of developer Brytenwalda. Which is available now on Steam with a better than average discount.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening is the new epic Action RPG from Brytenwalda. They are also the team responsible for the Viking Conquest DLC for Mount & Blade. Finally offering an official Linux build. While gameplay places importance not only on the player’s interaction but also the story. Which is the fabric that keeps a game world together.

NPCs are a fundamental tool to achieve both objectives. You can talk, persuade, intimidate, or flirt with them. In Beyond Mankind: The Awakening, they are the ones who weave the story in which the player is immersed. Since the player’s decisions affect their lives, sometimes literally.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening Launch Trailer (Linux & Windows PC)

What’s remains of civilization is facing an actual dilemma. Whether to keep hope in humankind and embark on an uncertain war to regain Earth. They can also accept the slow colapse of a failed species. Theorists emerge but will does following them lead to glory or ruin. The species is at a crossroads, and the outcomes of all options seem dire.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening puts you into a relentless, frozen, and violent world. You awaken, newly born of the Techno-Womb and engineered for success. Along with implanted memories from a century before. You could be just one more of the hundreds that rummage through the ruins for lost treasures. You can also endlessly train for a war that may never come. Despite fate holding a surprise due to change everything.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening  is old school type RPG game available on Steam. Which is also discounted 30% until February 17th. Also dropping the price to $13.99 USD / £10.85 / 11,89€. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC, of course.

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