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Beyond Mankind: The Awakening support still due

beyond mankind: the awakening action rpg game support is still coming for linux with windows pc

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening action RPG game support is still coming for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Brytenwalda. Which is available on Steam along with a big discount.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening is the epic action RPG from Brytenwalda. The reviews on Steam are mixed but the game is due to release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. However, there are delays and the Linux build is still not here.

Linux support:

While the Linux community still requests native support in the Steam Discussions. We reached out to Brytenwalda via email.

…sorry for the delay with the release in the Linux version. Internally, we have started testing the Linux version and it is generally doing well, although there are some problems that we need to fix.

Since Beyond Mankind: The Awakening development is using Unity 3D. You would expect that the port should be easy. Well, according to the reply there are still some challenges. Problems that need fixes, although not specified, are holding up the Linux build. But due note, the developer wants to offer Linux support as soon as possible. Stating, “we have set a deadline for the end of January, but we will try to make it earlier.”
One of the issues Brytenwalda also mentioned is Beta testers for Linux. So for all those following the Linux_gaming subreddit, keep an eye out for a post.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening is an action RPG taking place in a post apocalyptic world. One that also sports a mature yet deep story. Along with rich exploration, tense combat, and deep RPG mechanics. Pitching the player in front of a real dilemma facing humankind.

There is H.O.P.E.:

You create your character and embark on a mission to help humankind. Which are currently exiled off-world. You will be part of H.O.P.E., an elite military unit at the vanguard of war due to recover Earth. Players will start under the ruins of what once was the town of Avalon. Doing so on the island of Santa Catalina. From there, you will take on an epic journey that will test both your character and ability. Now offering a heap of new improvements and upgrades.

As you play Beyond Mankind: The Awakening, you might feel a likeness to the Exodus games. Since you will face unknown challenges with surprising answers. Social interaction within the game is deep So you will develop personality-based kinship, loyalty, and even romance with other characters.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening | OUT now on Steam

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening places importance not only on player interaction but also the story. Due to be the fabric that keeps a game world together. NPCs are a fundamental tool to achieve both objectives. You can talk, persuade, intimidate, or flirt with them. They are the ones who weave the story in which the player is immersed. Therefore, the player’s choices affect their lives, sometimes literally.

You are a H.O.P.E. soldier, and you begin your journey like all the others. All created with genetic hacks and grown in a Techno-Womb at the H.O.P.E. base on Santa Catalina. Create your character by selecting chromosome mixes. Also select your ancestral subspecies, with the effects of diet and climate, culture, and skills. It’s a new and deeper process than your average action RPG.


  • Intriguing and dark narrative – Beyond Mankind: The Awakening provides a unique experience in what you will discover a post-apocalyptic world. Doing so through the main story and secondary quests. Which are also shaped by your choice.
  • A rich and dynamic world – Help human civilization, exiled in space, avoid extinction. All while exploring an Earth ruined by nuclear war.
  • Unique character generation – Create a character based on DNA and culture selection. Then build your experience to improve your abilities.
  • Complex social interactions – Experience personality-based kinship in Beyond Mankind: The Awakening. Also, loyalty and romance with other characters.
  • Real dilemmas – Face problems that may not always have a completely positive outcome. Let alone an obvious one.
  • Challenging survival mechanics – Explore, collect or hunt for food, and craft tools. Youw will need to light fires for cooking and warmth, then build a shelter. Above all, monitor your psychological state.
  • 3D inventory management – Pick your resources at your camp. Storage space is limited, so choosing well can make the difference between life and death.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening Linux support is certainly on the way. Currently available for Windows PC, along with a 50% discount on Steam, dropping the price to $9.99 USD / £7.75 / 8,49€.

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