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Beyond Senses strategy horror will get support

beyond senses strategy horror will get support for linux windows pc

Beyond Senses is a new strategy horror coming to Windows PC, but Linux support is planned. Thanks to German game developer at Pyxton Studios. Due to release on Steam later this year.

German game developer Pyxton Studios just announced Beyond Senses. This is a new horror game with multiplayer modes. Due to release on Windows PC, December 13, 2019.
So naturally, we had to reach out about Linux support. Just in case there are any horror fans out there. Pyxton Studios had this to say…

Linux Support:

Beyond Senses is being developed with a customized version of the Unreal Engine 4 (4.19.2).
Chances are high that Beyond Senses will be available on Linux operating systems.

Players will be able to play cross-platform on all operating systems supported by Steam.

However, we think that a Linux port will be released around 3 – 6 months after the release for Windows operating systems, depending on the demand.

The first thing that caught me is the multiplayer mode. Not to mention, the games also has creepy as hell. Giving off kind of a Dead by Daylight or White Noise 2 kind of vibe. Which becomes clear in the trailer below.
While the Linux release will be coming in the new year. Hopefully sooner with enough demand. So make sure to Wishlist Beyond Senses Steam.

Beyond Senses – Announcement Trailer

Beyond Senses will present users with a completely new concept in multiplayer horror games. Therefore instead of focusing the gameplay on just one game mode. The upcoming release already has three different game modes.
In addition, the game has numerous features. Which will set it apart from other current multiplayer horror games on the market.

Game Modes:

Beyond Senses offers up more than just one game mode. Three game modes will be available: HUNT, EGOIST and BANISHMENT. Each mode can be also be customized to your personal needs.

  • In HUNT, your task is to weaken the wandering creature. Charging blessed Energy Crystals and killing it afterwards. The more energy the Crystals receive, the weaker the creature becomes over time. If the creature is weak enough, you can kill it with your weapons. Then send it back to hell. So something like Dead by Daylight.
  • In EGOIST you compete against your fellow Beyond Senses players. Your goal is to conquer as many Energy Crystals as possible. Whoever has conquered the fewest Energy Crystals after a certain time. Will also be hunted mercilessly by the wandering creature. You can use a stun gun to put your fellow players out of action. And likewise, gain a time advantage for yourself.
  • In BANISHMENT you must find all the cursed items. Then place them properly in a pentagram. Once you have successfully completed the ritual. You must lure the wandering creature into the pentagram. Then send it back to hell!

The developer decided for an Early Access release. Because Beyond Senses can in theory continue to expand. Pyxton Studios also wants to create an “unforgettable horror experience”. While including the help of the community. Hopefully we will have solid Proton support until that native release.

Beyond Senses strategy horror is due to receive support for Linux. But the games going to release first on Windows PC. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.