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Beyond Sunset shooter delivers a Demo

beyond sunset first-person shooter game with rpg elements has a new Demo for linux and windows pc

Beyond Sunset first-person shooter game with RPG elements has a new Demo for Linux and Windows PC. This thrilling experience wouldn’t be possible without the tireless creativity of the developer Metacorp. Which gives you a chance to play on Steam.

Imagine you’re in this action-packed sci-fi world of Beyond Sunset. Which is like stepping into one of those futuristic action movies. You are the character Lucy, but here’s the catch – you don’t remember anything from your past. So what’s coming up doesn’t look too pleasant. But hey, it’s all about the thrill in this Demo.

You can try out Beyond Sunset now on Linux during Steam Next Fest. Which is the virtual carnival of all new and exciting games, some that are coming with native support. Thanks to publisher Movie Games for delivering this first-person shooter.

In this world, you get to do some exciting things like mastering some crazy sword skills. Learning a martial art that involves guns, Gun Jutsu. Plus, you’ll also get to chat with some pretty unique characters in Beyond Sunset.

Beyond Sunset takes place in a grim future where everyone’s dealing with a fatal virus, political greed, and mean people. It kind of mashes up the full-on action from Doom Eternal (if you don’t know, it’s a really intense shooter). While including the deep story from Deus Ex (which is a series of role-playing title in the future). The also story comes together as you explore the world, chat with different characters, and make choices that matter.

Beyond Sunset | Steam Next Fest

The best thing about Beyond Sunset is that you can change it any way you want. It runs on the GZDoom engine, which is a platform used to create 3D setting. The creators have also added some unique features like smarter AI. Along with a better system for characters to chat with each other.

Your journey in this world begins when you wake up from a really deep sleep, almost like hibernation. You’ve lost all your memories but you soon discover that you have some amazing powers. Such as super fast reflexes, exceptional fighting skills, and almost magical agility.

Your powers stand out quickly. A mysterious woman Yuri gives you a mission. She promises to help you regain your lost memories if you use your powers to become a sort of vigilante, a street samurai. Doing so in the city of Sunset, which is overrun with crime and disease.

Beyond Sunset first-person shooter is going to be available to the public soon. It’s being made by the folks at Metacorp / Vaporware and published by Movie Games. It’s like the ultimate mashup of action, mystery, and a deep story. Due to make its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC (SteamDB). You can not only play the Demo, but Wishlist on Steam.

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