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BFF or Die co-op puzzle game coming September

bff or die co-op puzzle game coming september to linux mac windows

BFF or Die co-op puzzle game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on September 13th via Steasm. So thanks to ASA Studio who are announcing the release.

Since the big day is near. Well the day you graduate from the prestigious Intergalactic Time Academy. Don’t pull the party poppers yet, though. The Orbees are missing and you need to find them.

Their signal has appeared over Ancient Egypt, so huddle up. Get inside your Space-Time Machine, and scour the past for these beings made of pure energy. While you prepare for a time-travelling adventure of cunning and camaraderie.

BFF or Die is a co-op game where players must work together to survive. Bonds will be made and friendships will get a test in a unique adventure. BFF or Die was born from a vision of players huddling around their PC, enjoying memorable moments that extend beyond the game.

Two players can share the same control pad or take control of different sides of the keyboard, or you can go the traditional route and have a separate control pad each. So grab your BFFs and get ready for 30 levels of exciting co-op puzzling for 1-4 players. Once you’ve rescued the Orbees, fire into Infinite mode for never-ending fun.

BFF or Die co-op puzzle Preview Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

“We’ve been taking BFF or Die out to public events since the start of development, seeing how people react so we can improve the experience. That’s four and a half years of playtesting and feedback!” Co-founder of ASA Studio, Shaz Yousaf, said. “It’s been a journey bringing this game to life and we’re pleased to be able to release the final version soon. We hope people have as much fun with their BFFs at home!”

In BFF or Die, everyone has their role to play. Each teammate controls an ability – lights, decoys, teleportation, and more. And all these skills must be put to use to escape these ancient, trap-filled labyrinths alive. Work together or you die together.

BFF or Die has enjoyed a string of successes since 2014. Including being successfully Greenlit on Steam in six days and being getting funding by the UK Games Fund.

An early prototype was awarded best multiplayer game by an industry panel of judges in the UK leg of Game On 2.0. Also was part of a nine month exhibition showcasing the history of video games. And the game was a feature in an indie section of competition winners organised by TIGA.

September release:

BFF or Die launches on Steam on September 13th, add it to your Wishlist here for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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