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BFF or Die co-op puzzle game releases

bff or die co-op puzzle game releases on linux mac windows

BFF or Die co-op puzzle game releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. launching on Steam and Humble Store thanks to ASA Studio. A title that’s also been in development for more than four years.

So it’s graduation day at the Intergalactic Time Academy! The Orbees are missing and your first mission is to find them. We have a trace on their signal so jump in the Space-Time Machine and go rescue them. Prepare for a time-travelling adventure of cunning and camaraderie.

BFF or Die is both a single player and a local multiplayer co-op game. Where characters and players must work together to survive. Friendships will either be stronger while testing teamwork in a unique adventure. Since BFF or Die is all about togetherness and remembering what was good about the time gaming. Well what at least what it was all about playing with real life earth humans.

BFF or Die Co-op Puzzle Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Two players can share the same control pad or take control of different sides of the keyboard. You can also go the traditional route and have a separate controller each. So grab your BFF’s and get ready for some exciting co-op puzzling for 1-4 players. Once you’ve rescued the Orbees you can attempt The Infinite Trials. This will make for some extra hard and unpredictable challenges.

“We’ve been taking BFF or Die out to public events since the start of development, seeing how 2000+ people reacted so we can improve the experience. That’s four and a half years of playtesting and feedback!” Co-founder of ASA Studio, Shaz Yousaf, said. “After all that time polishing gameplay details it’s great to be able to release BFF or Die into the wider world!”

In BFF or Die everyone has their role to play. Each teammate controls a gadget – lights, drones, towers and more. All these skills must be put together to overcome challenges and stay alive. So players have to work together or you die together.

BFF or Die has enjoyed a string of successes since 2014. Including being successfully Greenlit on Steam in six days and with funding by the UK Games Fund. An early prototype was awarded Best Multiplayer Game. Coming from an industry panel of judges in the UK leg of Game On 2.0. The prize being part of a nine month exhibition showcasing the history of video games. Which is put together by TIGA and Barbican.

Steam and Humble Store releases:

BFF or Die co-op puzzle game available now via Steam and Humble Store. And of course releases on Linux, Mac, Windows and priced at $14.99 USD.

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