Bigfoot DLC now live for Two Point Hospital

bigfoot dlc now live for two point hospital on linux mac windows

Two Point Hospital Bigfoot DLC is now live for Linux, Mac and Windows. SEGA and Two Point Studios are eager to announce (and release!) this crazy new DLC. Available on Steam and Humble Store with a launch week discount.

In the Two Point Hospital – Bigfoot DLC you’ll take on a range of new administrative challenges in Two Point County’s namesake Pointy Mountains, where you’ll find three new hospitals, three new treatment rooms, a collection of new wintery items and furnishings, 34 new region-specific illnesses (including 9 visual illnesses), as well as new challenges, features and a new, very hairy, VIP…

Let’s join Two Point County News Network anchor Trent Darby, as he breaks the news in the latest trailer:

Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot DLC – Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Local celebri-yeti Bartholomew F. Yeti, the otherwise reclusive furball, has been petitioning for better healthcare in the Pointy Mountains. Also home to the most frequently forgotten people in all of Two Point County. So Mr Yeti will need your help, curing new illnesses. Such as Cold Shoulder, Bard Flu, and Aurora Snorealis at the Pointy Mountains’ three new hospitals.

Since there is a medical facility at the Underlook Hotel. A ski resort with more lawsuits than guests; the remote and dilapidated Swelbard Research Institute. And the chance to turn an aristocratic family’s spare, and extremely grand, lodging into a hospital for the surrounding community in Roquefort Castle.

In Two Point Hospital, budding administrators will need to be creative. So you will have to demonstrate their ability to build, cure and improve in even the hardest and oddest circumstances. Design your hospitals, research unusual illnesses, manage and train often-quirky staff. While trying to defeat the fierce healthcare competition of Two Point County.

Two Point Hospital Bigfoot DLC is available on Steam and Humble Store. Now live and priced at $8.09 USD, including the 10% discount until December 12th.

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