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BioGun – explore this microscopic world

biogun adventure platformer game releases into early access on linux windows pc

BioGun adventure platformer game releases into Early Access on Linux and Windows PC. All thanks to the skilled team at Dapper Dog Digital. Available now via Steam with 97% Positive reviews.

Get ready to dive into a world smaller than anything you’ve seen before in BioGun. Due to fight to save dogs from a terrible virus. Join Bek, the hero of this story, on an epic mission inside our furry friends to defeat the Dooper Virus. All to prevent the extinction of dogs.

In this Linux adventure platformer, you’ll find yourself navigating through a world teeming with cells, germs, and viruses. All beautifully crafted in a unique, hand-drawn style. So, As you make your way through the microscopic landscapes of pets, you’ll encounter various characters. Some helpful, others not so much.

The BioGun journey won’t be easy. You’ll face many tough bosses, inspired by real-life diseases, in battles that will test your skills. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Along the way, you’ll meet cells that will become your allies, so you’ll gain new powers from the enemies you defeat. These powers will help you adapt and overcome the challenges that await.

BioGun – Early Access Out Now

Your main goal? To be the cure. As you travel through different organs, you’ll help strengthen the immune systems of dogs, giving them a chance to fight off the Dooper Virus. Explore each area thoroughly, as every organ hides secrets and rewards that will aid you in your quest.

The BioGun action is non-stop, with fast-paced shooting that will keep you on your toes. You can customize your abilities with Nano-Chips, allowing you to tailor your approach to combat. There are also side missions where you can help out cells in need, adding depth and variety to your adventure.

Expect a thrilling soundtrack to accompany your mission, enhancing the excitement of the gameplay and keeping your adrenaline pumping.

The developers at Dapper Dog Digital are planning to have BioGun in Early Access for about three months, but this could change based on feedback and development needs. Their main focus is on delivering a polished final product that players will love.

The Reviews:

Players have found a delightful escape in BioGun, a game that’s filling the void for those eagerly awaiting Silksong, and it’s making quite the impression. The title draws players into a world that’s both whimsical and engaging, reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. Fans appreciate the game’s polished mechanics, impactful upgrades, and inventive boss battles, elements that are a staple in great metroidvania’s.

Moreover, the titles’ unique premise of using a sentient pig vaccine to combat a pet-demic adds a relaxing twist that stays with players, keeping the mood upbeat. While there are some technical hiccups, the overall experience, complete with a compelling soundtrack and vibrant graphics, has received positive reviews. While earning it an average score of 8/10. BioGun is not just a game — it’s a heartwarming journey full of humor, friendship, and the quirky quest to save man’s best friend.

So, grab your hazard suit and get ready to blast some viral enemies in this adventure platformer. BioGun is due to have you show you have what it takes to save man’s best friend. The destiny of dogs is in your hands—are you ready? Available on Steam Early Access, priced at $17.99 USD / £13.49 / 17,55€ with the 10% discount. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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