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BioShock developer Irrational Games working on a new first-person shooter


Developer Irrational Games behind the success BioShock is working on a new “narrative first-person shooter.” According to new job listings on the company’s website, a “Gameplay Systems Designer and Tuner,” and a “QA Manager” are available for qualified individuals. Both listings are asking for #developers with Unreal Engine #experience, specifically #UnrealEngine4, along with a “passion for narrative first person shooters.” The listings also point out that potential candidates watch Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine’s 2014 GDC talk on narrative in games.

Additionally, the “Gameplay Systems Designer and Tuner” listing also outlines experience with semi-open or open-world games, specifically invoking Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Borderlands. Calling for a designer with experience working on “damage tuning, loot tables, cool downs, resources, upgrade systems, etc.” Which raised our interest significantly.

The first sign Irrational Games’ are looking to the future, since creative director Ken Levine announced plans to rebuild the company in February, 2014. At that time the studio cut staff from 75 to 16, where many presumed the business would diminish or merge with another studio owned by parent, Take-Two Interactive. According to Polygon, the company has been quietly hiring a new team this past year.

The big question, “does this mean there’s going to be another BioShock?” And the only people who can answers are Irrational Games. The fact that the studio is still alive and kicking brings great delight. Until we know more, stay tuned.


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