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BIOTOPE aquarium simulator native support

biotope aquarium simulator linux mac windows pc support

Biotope aquarium simulator look at Linux support beside Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative development efforts of MBL Development. Which is due to release on Steam soon.

Biotope is the first and only photo realistic aquarium simulator builder. Also making it possible to create populations of fish. Which does include plants as well. So you can actively influence their complete life cycle.

Face strategic challenges and manage the expansion. While you operate the aquarium, with a limited budget. So you can raise, breed and trade fish. And even plants too. Kind of a chill and unique management style. So we asked about Linux…

Linux Support:

The engine is all custom technology. Similar to the tech that drove Velvet Assassin. For which I was the engine programmer also.

Regarding Linux compatibility for Biotope. I confirmed that the current build runs fine via Steam Play. The builtin Windows-Emulator that comes with Steam on Linux. I did this test recently on an installation of Ubuntu Studio 18 under xfce. So not the most common setup, but still 🙂

There is nothing standing in the way of a native Linux support at some time in the future.

So if you ever wanted to raise fish, you can Since the game playable via Steam Play/Proton. This is a good sign. And Biotope is coming to Early Access on July 23rd. Where it will remain for roughly a year.

Check out the trailer below. Notice the “stress level” in the stats. Kind of made me a laugh a bit.

Biotope – Aquarium Simulator Trailer (Mac, Windows PC, then Linux)

Due note, that in game you will use authentic equipment. Such as filters, pumps and lamps. All to preserve your biotope. So you can create ideal living conditions for fish and plants.

There are also many decorative objects available. Since this allows you to create unusual biotopes.

Also, depending on the quality and performance of the individual components. Their durability and impact on the ecosystem will change.


  • Entry: Choose from three Starter Kits: Empty Tank (Tutorial), Amazon or Malawi Aquarium
  • Budget: Use your monthly budget. While you keep an eye on the statistics!
  • Shopping: Browse the Blue World Store
  • The building blocks of life: Breed healthy and robust animals. So you can increase the DNA rating of your fish to the maximum!
  • Stress reduction: Take care of your fishes and keep their stress levels low. A stressed fish will quickly get sick and will not reproduce.
  • Decorate your aquarium: Create your biotope according to the preferences and needs of your fishes, and they will thank you with good breeding values and offspring.
  • Complete quests and earn additional budget for the expansion of the aquarium.

Biotope aquarium simulator is coming July 23rd. The games going to release on Mac and Windows PC via Early Access. But Linux support is in the plans. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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