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BITTEN zombie multiplayer to see support

bitten zombie multiplayer to see support for linux with windows pc

BITTEN zombie multiplayer to see support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Uladzislau Basin. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

BITTEN is a multiplayer cross-platform game. This is where players defend the Shelter from zombies.
However, some players are traitors. They’ve also been bitten by a zombie and are trying to kill everybody else.
Players use social deduction, power-ups, logic, tricks, and voice chat. All due to disclosing traitors or trick and kill others if they are traitors.

Reaching out about Linux support it looks like the zombie multiplayer will also get support.

We use Unity engine and have plans to support Linux in the nearest future

The use of Unity 3D is no surprise. Which should make porting BITTEN easier. All due to arrive in “the nearest future.”

However, this is a very cost effective multiplayer. Offering individual skins to customize your character. Available for a small fee. Which are actually more expensive than the base game.

BITTEN Find the traitor. Gameplay

The focus of BITTEN is a deep experience and reasonable action. Players may kill zombies to pick up a new weapon or scanner. They can use the scanner to check who is the traitor. Even after death players may also influence game results after they become zombies.

Some core features to highlight:

  • 4-10 multiplayer
  • In game VOICE CHAT
  • Players can ADD FRIENDS
  • Huge variety of strategies to execute in BITTEN
  • Various player skins for custom look
  • And more!

BITTEN Game developers are also planning to introduce new modes. This means new maps, weapons and power-ups soon. Due to offering a night mode coming! Players must use and recharge flashlights to see in the dark. This certainly adds a lot more interesting experiences.

BITTEN zombie multiplayer is already available with Windows PC support on Steam. Due to receiving a Linux build in the nearest future. Priced at only $2.99 USD.

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