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The Black Death could see a Linux release

the black death could see a linux release beside windows games 2017

The Black Death, the medieval survival RPG from Small Impact Games and Green Man Gaming Publishing. Also just launching Pestilence, the latest update in its active development cycle. The games major update brings a new player experience to the game for Windows. Allowing them to enter the world of Mercia as a plague doctor looking for a cure. So what about Linux?

So Steam Discussions aside, here is the studio regarding Linux support:

“Hi Todd,

We’re using UE4. Currently, we have no plans for a Linux port but we haven’t ruled it out.”

Since this is not a formal No. Chances are we will see a Linux release, with enough support. So throw out that Tux love and hopefully we’ll see a native release.

With the Pestilence update. The team at Small Impact Games also has a complete overhaul of many major systems in The Black Death. Everything from inventory menus to customization of houses has been tweaked and refined, allowing players to face the deadliest pandemic of the Middle Ages in their own way.

The Black Death Early Access Trailer:

Players start their journey as a plague doctor searching for cure in a land inspired by 14th Century Europe, and are able to take on all new quests from local villagers to help find a cure to the plague. Adapting your play style has been dramatically changed, allowing players to pick skills from a variety of different professions, like Cook, Blacksmith, Huntsman and more, at any time.

“This update for The Black Death brings new and exciting opportunities for players to interact with the world of Mercia. By introducing new key features, like the quest system, it will be even easier for players to gain access to farming, house customization, and professions within the game,” says Mitch Small, Founder of Small Impact Games.

The Black Death has been going from strength to strength throughout Early Access, and with this latest update, Small Impact Games have delivered a fantastic new vision. We look forward to seeing the community reaction as the game moves closer to a full release in 2018,” says Gary Rowe, EVP Publishing at Green Man Gaming.

A catastrophic plague has left a trail of destruction across 14th century Europe. Survivors confront sickness and scarce resources in a land rife with banditry. Attempt to find a cure, acquire power, learn skills and adapt to survive.

Since The Black Death is still in Early Access. The games available Steam with a 33% discount until October 26th, 2017. Currently only available for Windows. So hopefully we’ll see a Linux release.

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