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Black Dragon Mage a retro bullet-storm

black dragon mage action roguelite shooter game where you play a lone mage on linux and windows pc

Black Dragon Mage action roguelite shooter game where you play a lone mage on Linux and Windows PC. All this thrilling action is thanks to the genius and hard work of the creator, datablob. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Alright, so there’s a new adventure waiting to be explored in Black Dragon Mage on Linux. It’s a bit like being inside a light-hearted fantasy comic book, where you control the action from an overhead perspective. A view similar to how you play the classics on your uncle’s Super Nintendo. It’s a shooter, but it’s not your usual run of the mill type. Do you know those hectic bullet storm games that make your palms sweat and your heart race? It’s kinda like that, full of crazy mobs, big bad bosses, and lots of ways to make your magical hero powerful.

If you ever played popular titles like “Vampire Survivors”, “20 Minutes Till Dawn”, or “Brotato”? Or those epic dungeon crawlers like “Diablo” and “Path of Exile”? Black Dragon Mage borrows from the best aspects of all these favorites. And there’s a bomb feature that’ll remind you of playing “Bomberman”.

Now, let’s talk about the adventure of this action roguelite shooter itself. You will step into the shoes of a really powerful mage. Your objective? Wipe out armies of devilish foes using magical attacks that can ruin the area. But the Black Dragon Mage bosses? They’re another story – they’re ancient and cloaked in mystery. You need to figure out their weaknesses to triumph over each of them.

Black Dragon Mage – Announcement Trailer

You’ve got an arsenal of mighty abilities like the Shield of Frost, Summoned Flame, Cardinal Strike, and a strong area-of-effect attack, Pentagram. IN Black Dragon Mage you will mix and match these to create your own unique hero. Plus, you can upgrade your character during a run to make your hero even stronger. Just remember, every run is a new start.

But there’s a twist. Use your smarts to turn the battlefield into your playground by setting traps for your enemies. In Black Dragon Mage you can aim and cast your spells manually. Whether you want to throw fireballs, icy orbs, or wield the power of the void. It’s all up to you. Weapons are not just about the numbers. Since you can upgrade and master them to become truly epic.

One more thing: in Black Dragon Mage you might meet a Reaper – a very tough enemy – during your run. Even if you lose, you get to use the gold you’ve collected to get stronger and grab fresh gear. You could even earn a new hat that turns your fallen enemies into explosive bombs!

You can dive into this thrilling action roguelite shooter world in Q4 2023. Black Dragon Mage is coming to Steam, so you can play the game on a Linux or Windows PC. Whether you want to use a controller or stick to your trusty keyboard and mouse, you are covered.

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