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Black Forest turn-based multiplayer releases this weekend free-to-play

black forest free to play turn based survival releases linux mac pc

Black Forest is a free-to-play #turnbased #multiplayer online game, where gameplay consists of cooperation, #survival, for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Players guide a family of peasants living in the Black Forest in medieval Germany. Isolated from the outside world, every night wolves, bears and worse come out of the forest. During the day, players need to plant and harvest and build defences.

The village consists of private lands and common lands. Everyone can plant, harvest or build on their own and on common grounds, and every family can find shelter for the night in their own houses or houses on common ground.

You can also take control of neighbouring land. To expand, to make lands owned by families who perished useful for the community again, or to gain control of structures your neighbour built.

“Survive as a community, but do not forget about yourself. Try to survive the coming winter to win the game. Or simply be the last survivor to gain a personal victory.

The core element of the game is cooperation and its limits. At some point, you have to think of yourself first. If your community is strong, others will help you. But the forest will sooner or later overwhelm you all – when will cooperation break down? Will people betray openly, or trick? Is that proposal a trick maybe, or really the best? What role will common ground play? Does the village provide shelter for those who lost their homes? Do you share resources or keep them private? All of these and many other questions will be asked and answered in every game.”

With this combination, players work together with others to secure the village, or let them die and focus on your own survival. But they might join forces and take your land, so you have to be diplomatic about it, or tricky.

Like we mentioned at the beginning, Black Forest is free-to-play on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Black Forest System Requirements:

  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04+ or comparable
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: any DX9 or better graphics card
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


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