Black Monks Studios will bring Zodiac Wars to Linux

Zodiac Wars, with over two weeks left on this completely cross-platform Kickstarter campaign, we are keen to see what this project brings forward.
Having caught sight of the Unreal Engine, I was slightly taken back when I notice Linux listed in the support platforms.
Needless to say, an email followed, and a quick reply from  Black Monks:

Hi Todd,

Thanks for your reply! We are currently crossing our fingers that Epic releases the linux client as they haven’t officially ruled it out yet. Worst case scenario, Unity 4 would be adopted. Linux support is very important to us and we will work hard to make it happen.

thank you for your interest and support!

Black Monks Studios

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zodiac wars linux windows osx xbox 360 ps3 and steam

You can also support the project via PayPal at:

Black Monks Studios will bring Zodiac Wars to Linux

Zodiac Wars is a Next-Generation one-on-one Fantasy Fighting Game, where all its main characters are inspired by the 12 signs of the zodiac (in this Kickstarter campaign we reveal 2 of the 12 characters). The Fighters will compete against each other in an Arcade-style fantasy one-on-one  arrangement. The game’s fighting system will be something new, but will also take into consideration current popular fighting game styles like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Marvel vs Capcom, etc. All characters will have unique fighting moves, combined with AMAZING Special and Magic attacks. Each character will resemble and include specific traits from each respective zodiac sign.

Black Monks Studios will bring Zodiac Wars to Linux

Our team tossed around a few ideas on the type of game we wanted to create & the platform where it was going to be launched initially, and finally decided to work on the genre we are most passionate about, which is also a genre where there are not many developers, Fighting Games.

We wanted to create a fighting game where players would identify themselves immediately with a character before actually playing the game. The idea of creating a character for each zodiac sign was a total WIN. Our gamer friends’ feedback was tremendous and everyone got really excited about the concept.

"game concept render"
“game concept render”

VS Fighting games have always been fun to play and master, and there’s a lot of room for innovation in the genre.  Zodiac Wars will combine popular fighting game styles with new industry-leading technology.

zodiac wars linux windows osx xbox 360 ps3 and steam

The Game will initially be launched for the PC/Windows/Steam platform, and if specific stretch goals are reached, on other platforms like Xbox360, Sony PS3, Mac OSX and Linux.

Black Monks Studios will bring Zodiac Wars to Linux - Aquarius
Zodiac Wars Game Features

12 playable characters to choose from, plus hidden characters to unlock

Play Modes: Arcade Mode,Player vs Player Mode (LAN and Online),   Multiplayer Tournament Mode (LAN and Online)

Attacks: Special moves, magic attacks, hit combos, finishing moves, etc.

Graphics: HD Stunning visuals, interactive scenery and vivid atmospheres (many stages to play in). Zodiac Wars will most likely be powered by the Unreal 4 Engine.

Sound: Zodiac Wars will feature digitally mastered HQ music from international orchestras and music producers.

Controller support (We’ll be supporting Xbox 360™ controllers, pc/mac/linux compatible controllers / arcade-style joysticks, etc.)

Platform:  The game will be launched initially to the PC/Windows/Steam platform, and if specific stretch goals are achieved, on Xbox 360™, Sony PS3™, Mac OS X and Linux.

Zodiac Wars Virgo
"game concept render"
“game concept render”

The Finished Digital Game

Digital copy of the final game on PC (Windows/Steam) when released. If specific stretch goals are met, more platforms will become available to play the game.

The Pre-ALPHA, ALPHA & BETA Versions

Everyone who backs the project ($5 tier for Alpha, $30 tier for Pre-Alpha & Alpha, and $35 tier for all) will get to play these versions of the game when they become available. These versions will provide an overall look of the game but will still be work under development. As Pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta versions get released, you will get the opportunity to provide your feedback and suggestions for the final game. The more you pledge, the earlier you can play the Pre-Alpha, Alpha and Beta versions.

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