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Blacknut game Streaming partnership with Square Enix

blacknut game streaming partnership with square enix for linux mac windows

Blacknut and Square Enix today announced a new partnership for Linux, Mac and Windows games. Since this will allow the streaming provider to distribute a selection of Square Enix’s critically acclaimed titles. Doing so through the game streaming service.

This partnership will enable users to play mobile games. Auch as Lara Croft GO, Hitman GO, Deus Ex GO and Hitman Sniper on any of Blacknut’s supported devices. Which are currently include Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Therefore users can expect to see the games launch on the service over the coming months.

Blacknut streaming service:

“It’s great to see the growing momentum in cloud gaming. As companies like Square Enix begin to support these new distribution initiatives,” said Olivier Avaro, CEO and founder of Blacknut. “We’re big fans of the titles Square Enix has produced. And we’re also excited to help those titles reach new audiences.”

Square Enix on partnership:

“We are delighted to partner with Blacknut in sharing our critically acclaimed titles. Both the GO trilogy and Hitman Sniper on its streaming service,” said Square Enix Montréal Studio Head, Patrick Naud. “Square Enix absolutely supports innovative and accessible ways to offer games to a wider audience. We are also excited to include our premium games to the Blacknut catalog.”

Linux in the mix:

Since I’m not really keen on streaming game services. It is a plus to see Linux in the mix here thanks to Square Enix. Which is also the latest partner to sign on with the game streaming service. But being able to buy from multiple online digital stores is still my preference.

But Blacknut streaming service currently provides access to a professionally hand-picked catalog of over 120 premium games. So now thanks to game streaming technology. Users can instantly launch games on the service without having to download them.

Therefore if your interest is saving device storage space and game discovery costs. Blacknut offers users unlimited access to the service for a monthly subscription of €14.99.

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