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The Blackout Club developer wants Tux Love

the blackout club developer wants linux games love

The Blackout Club, a cooperative paranormal horror mystery from Question Windows, but the team also has Linux love. Seeing the studio includes a team of industry veterans. Featuring BioShock 2’s creative director and lead writer and BioShock Infinite’s lead effects artist. The games available on Steam Early Access as of October 2018 (Windows PC).

Since The Blackout Club continues to hold a solid 89% Positive review rating on Steam. Naturally we hope for a Linux port, which is a request on Steam, back in September.

So what about Linux support from the developer?

Well I reached out to developer Question with, you know, questions. The reply I received via email is interesting. The team is actually in favour of Linux, with enough support.

“In terms of a Linux port – we do not currently have plans for this as part of our launch plan. It’s possible if there is a large enough interest from the Linux community. We may be able to put resources towards this (please let us know if there is!). But since we are only 7 full time staff working on the game. We are spread too thin to add any more platforms at launch.
For what it’s worth, our studio’s last title The Magic Circle is available on Linux. Also, one of our engineers David Pittman has several games he released on Linux. Such as Eldritch, NEON STRUCT, and Slayer Shock. So we do love Linux!”

Since this caught me off guard, I had to share. But the demand for Linux support is already available via the Steam Discussions. Since the game in Early Access, the developer is clearly tied to Windows. But they “may be able to put resources towards this”, meaning a Linux build for the Unreal Engine 4 title could be put into development.
So I’m suggesting anyone eager to have a native port to Wishlist on Steam. This way the developer can see actual interest from the community.


Gameplay takes place in a small Appalachian community hiding a monstrous secret. The Blackout Club follows a group of teens investigating strange occurrences. Since their town is now without cell or internet access. All brought together by a rash of mysterious shared blackouts.
Also the sudden disappearance of a friend. And the local population’s eerie unwillingness to believe them. The club springs into action.

Together, they uncover a conspiracy of occult-obsessed adults. Who have turn the town’s population into sleepwalkers. The club must infiltrate labyrinthine tunnels. These emanate hypnotic melodies from beneath the town’s seemingly idyllic surface. To save the day, up to four players will sneak out on nocturnal surveillance missions. While working together to capture the conspiracy on camera.

The Blackout Club Early Access Trailer (Windows, no Linux yet)

Players will need to coordinate with one another to collect evidence in The Blackout Club. Working to outwit the sleepwalkers, who seem fiendishly alert despite their condition. The kids have a wealth of tools at their disposal. Ranging from grappling hooks and fireworks to stun-guns and tranquilizer darts. But while these toys are fun to use, every act of rebellion has a cost. Since an otherworldly entity which cannot be seen with open eyes is always watching. It lurks in the shadows. Lying in wait to abduct troublemakers who spoil its malevolent plans.

The Blackout Club’s Steam Early Access release has new content. Including new missions, enhanced character customization, new locations to explore, unlockable gestures and emotes, and more. Additional content and features will continue to roll out over the course of the coming weeks and months as well.

The Blackout Club is currently available on Windows PC via Steam Early Access for $19.99 USD. Those eager to see a Linux release, make sure to Wishlist via Steam.

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