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Blacksea Odyssey releases free Alpha demo for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Team Blacksea Odyssey has released a #free #alpha demo of their upcoming game Blacksea Odyssey. This demo is a teaser of what is yet to come, containing over 10 enemies, 75 items and runs, and three giant bosses to fight. The title is #available for Linux, Mac, and Windows, while the demo is available for download one the official website.

Blacksea Odyssey is a roguelike top down shooter that pits the cybernetically enhanced Old Man in a tournament against massive bosses in hopes of earning the right to battle the Titan of the Stars. The game is set to launch on Linux, Mac, Windows, and consoles in Spring 2016.

Play against the deadliest competition in the galaxy – the Blacksea Odyssey! Four of the bravest huntsman compete in capturing bounties for the largest space creatures that exist! Only the sole champion of the competition is awarded the honor of encountering the Titan of the Stars! Legend says no one has ever lived to tell a tale about the Titan.

Additionally, Team Blacksea Odyssey have announced their Kickstarter campaign will begin next week to be able to fund the development of Blacksea Odyssey.






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