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Blade Symphony Free Weekend and support

blade symphony free weekend and linux support

Blade Symphony is a multi-player tactical sword fighting game with a Steam Free Weekend and Linux support. Plus the games also available on Steam with a massive discount, practically free. ANd it plays well for a game that runs on Valve’s Source Engine.

Blade Symphony a precision, skill-based third-person action game. Since gameplay focuses around dueling. So reading your opponent’s intent and breaking their defenses with parries will win a duel.

Sword paths are traced dynamically as you attack. Since each character has over forty-attacks. Each doing something different with the sword. Which also means having to parry at the right time. While players use moves that are wide-sweeping for intercepting someone’s attack. Also thrusting attacks that get straight to the point.

As a player you get to decide how flat or vertical your attack is going to be. Then angle that attached while it’s happening.

Fighting styles range from kenjutsu, fencing, to nonsense break-dancing sword fighting. All inspired by martial arts in cinema and animation.

Blade Symphony Harmonious Prelude Teaser Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Blade Symphony also comes with five playable characters. Each character has three fighting stances (plus an air ‘stance’). Some characters design is for more long distance. With fighters good at parrying and thrust attacks. While others over-power with strong side arcing attacks.
Including the choice of five different and deadly sword types. Which also drastically changes how you play a character.

For a low-cost sword fighting game, Blade Symphony does have other game modes. So in addition to 1v1 there is a team 2v2 mode. Plus a very unfair 2v1 mode, a Sandbox FFA mode that includes private duels. Also a “Hero” mode and a Capture Point mode. Not bad for dirt cheap, right?

Free Weekend, Native Support and Discount:

Blade Symphony is available on Steam with a massive discount, plus a Free Weekend. Even better, you can play for Free this weekend on Linux, Mac and Windows. And for native gamers.

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