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Blasphemous hack and slash action gets support

blasphemous hack and slash action gets support to game on linux mac windows pc

Blasphemous hack and slash action gets support to game on Linux and Mac beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer The Game Kitchen. Which is now available on Humble Store, Steam and coming to GOG.

The brutal action adventure, Blasphemous, finally has a Linux and Mac release. Developed by Seville based studio, The Game Kitchen. Gameplay features pixel perfect, hack and slash action with to a deep story. Which also comes with historical references and metroidvania gameplay. Taking players on a punishing journey through the cursed world of Cvstodia.

Blasphemous Launch Trailer

The world of brutal action platformer game on Linux includes the Stir of Dawn. The free DLC for Blasphemous included in the launch of native support. As a result, giving players more features and a New Game+ mode. This is called ‘New Torment’ in the game.

In Blasphemous you explore and upgrade your abilities. Perform savage kills on the hordes of enemies that stand between you and your quest. Since you are working to break eternal damnation.

There is also some extra context from Maikel Ortega, Game Designer:

  • True Torment: New Game+
  • Ascend into True Torment after beating the game at least once.
  • You will keep your items, Prayers and Mea Culpa abilities. Master them to advance through this harder version of the game.

Blighted by a foul curse known as ‘The Miracle’. Blasphemous is full of twisted monsters and unforgiving bosses. SInce Cvstodia’s only hope for recovery rests with ‘The Penitent One’. Who is also the sole survivor of the ‘Silent Sorrow’ massacre. As ‘The Penitent One’ players will enter a nightmarish cycle of death and rebirth. Likewise, they will face suffering and failure as the only temporary obstacles. Even more ‘The Penitent One’s sword, the Mea Culpa, will become a true force to be reckoned with. Cutting its way through a seemingly never ending horde of enemies. Facing increasingly tougher bosses with brutal force.

Throughout the adventure, players will interact with tortured souls looking for an end to their torment. While uncovering their stories, gain rewards, and unlock buffs. This includes special attacks and other customisations. All to help steady the endless resolve of ‘The Penitent One’.

Blasphemous is now available to game on Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Priced at $24.99 USD /€24.99 / £19.99. So if you’re ready, the game available on Humble Store, Steam and coming to GOG.

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