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Blaze in Space arcade coming to Linux

blaze in space: beat a-maze arcade game coming to linux likely after windows pc

Blaze in Space: Beat a-Maze arcade game coming to Linux likely after Windows PC. Thanks to further details from the creative efforts of developers Manufractal Studio and Viabo Games. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

Poland-based studio ViaboGames is entering the market with its first game, Blaze in Space: Beat a-Maze. Due to be the result of more than a year of work of a team that managed to combine. Creating a classic, still beloved atmosphere of old arcade games. But the game also includes the full capabilities of today’s hardware and software. One top of making its way onto Linux.

Blaze in Space: Beat a-Maze is made in Unreal Engine 4. We haven’t tested in on Linux yet, but the likelihood of a Linux port is very high. It may not be ready for the release day, but soon after.

Definitely some good news for the developer. It’s also a pleasure to see Unreal Engine 4 is being used. But as stated, this will not be a day one release on October 18th. Not a disappointment, this will ideally mean a more stable build, hence bug fixes. While the Linux release itself will likely mean direct compatibility with the Steam Deck too. So a hard win all around.

Blaze in Space: Beat a-Maze Release Date Reveal

Blaze in Space is a mix of an arcade game and a logical puzzle. It requires not only great reflexes and coordination, but also planning the optimal route of flight. Since its a roughly simple task of collecting all the power cores in the maze and reaching the finish line. But doing so as quickly as possible becomes more challenging with each level. The complexity of the mazes increase, and all sorts of mechanisms and objects appear to add variety to the gameplay. The reward is dynamic music and animation. The more interesting and wild the better the player has to be to overcome the maze. An additional difficulty is that the spaceship turns only when it is about to hit a wall. Which is why it is good to plan in advance and remember the right path.

There are more than one hundred and fifty levels to overcome, grouped into constellations. Each level has its own leaderboards, where the best scores of friends and rivals are recorded.

Blaze in Space: Beat a-Maze is not only a test of reflexes and thinking. The modern graphics and music make it possible to create a truly impressive setting for the game. Levels are alive, their elements dance to the rhythm of the game’s beat. Additional effects fill the screen as the ship speeds up and takes turns. And all this thanks to the well-executed optimization and synchronization of all elements.

Main features:

  • Colorful mazes that respond to speed and music
  • Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
  • 150+ fast-paced levels to beat
  • Over 420 challenges to complete
  • More than 30 original soundtrac

Blaze in Space: Beat a-Maze arcade game releases on October 18, 2022, via Steam. Due to first making its way onto Windows PC, with Linux in tow.

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