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Bleed 2 shoot em up launch date announced on Steam

bleed 2 shoot em up launch date announced for linux mac pc

So back in November we introduced the coming release of Bleed 2. Hence the interaction of relentless #arcade #shootemup action available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While do we appreciate air-dodging, bullet-reflecting and tons of bosses.
So it could be that non-stop #action that has our interest. Since Bleed 2 now it comes with parries. Hence creator Ian Campbell announced the shoot em up game will launch on February 8th across all three platforms.

So we have played the first Bleed and there is a demo for Mac and Windows PC. So if you want to get a taste for the gameplay, check it out. While the reviews on Steam continue to be very positive too.

Bleed 2 shoot em up Features:

  • 7 levels containing over 25 boss fights
  • Unique controls let you shoot, dodge, reflect bullets and slow time all at once
  • 4 difficulty levels that remix enemy placement and boss patterns
  • Unlockable weapons, characters and abilities
  • Arcade Mode: Tackle the game on one life to compete for leaderboard glory
  • 2-player local co-op for all modes (requires at least one gamepad)

So Bleed 2, an arcade action twin-stick shooter platformer. Yet it comes complete with an alien destroying hero that can air-dodge, slow time and parry certain attacks. While the other player in the two-player co-op can knock back the other (yellow) shot.

While the sounds were done by Joonas Turner, did the noises from Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne. Since the music comes from Jukio Kallio, a musician that worked on Nuclear Throne and Luftrausers.

Bleed 2 is set to release on February 8th for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, via Steam, priced at $9.99 USD.


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