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Blinding Dark makes a debut on Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Developed by Games Hut and published by Bulkypix, Blinding Dark draws its inspiration from games like #CliveBarkersUndying and Amnesia. The general conception is that as soon as you have weapons to fight with, the #horror part of the game fades away. This is incorrect and Blinding Dark is an attempt to prove otherwise. Scarce ammunition, powerful enemies and limited options to recover health, creates a lot of tension and fear of death. Pair this up with the fact that there is a serious repercussion when dying and you have the danger / tension element back in the game.

Beginning your adventure, you wake up in an entrance hall of what seems to be a mansion. You can’t remember who you are and how you got there.

In other words, they are redefining horror by starting the game off like pretty much every other horror game ever made. Who does  not enjoy a good horror game?? They are much scarier than watching horror movies, as the player is directly involved in the scares. A participant, not just an observer, and that’s cool. So, on with the scenario.

Step by step you evolve into the dark to discover your past and unfold your future. Collect ancient relics and discover what is their unique ability. Take your time and analyze the surroundings. Throwing yourself head on will often prove to be a deadly mistake.

Blinding Dark features:

  • An audacious combination between horror elements and old-school FPS
  • An interesting storyline that spans across multiple acts and has deep roots within the general lore of the Blinding Dark world
  • Unique weapons and items to collect, each with its specific use
  • Hell spawns, demons, monsters and spirits, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses to discover and manipulate
  • Difficult platforming and puzzle elements
  • Deep and rewarding exploration of hand-crafted environments, with many secrets to discover

Sound scary? Maybe this will help set the mood.

Blinding Dark is available now for $9.99 on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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