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Blink: Rogues PvP shoot em up native support

blink rogues pvp shoot em up linux support

Blink: Rogues is a competitive PvP shoot em up in Early Access for Windows, but the developers show signs of Linux support. And also a cost effective title at $4.99 USD on Steam. Where gameplay itself combines classic arcade elements with modern day arena style combat.

Linux Support:

Blink: Rogues is made using Unreal Engine, and some of the reasons for choosing it revolve around allowing easy porting to other platforms, should the need arise.

That being said, we haven’t given much thought about porting to Linux. Since your message, though, I had a quick glance and in theory it should be easy to do (if all goes smooth – rarely the case in software development). And there is also the topic with testing, we want to make sure it is working well before going public.”

So being that Blink: Rogues is a smaller title and rather inexpensive. Which also looks similar to a mobile release but offers up a classic style of gameplay. And development is using Unreal Engine 4 to my surprise. Since I was half expecting Unity 3D to be named, alas.
As for testing, I will ask Fox Dive Studio to issue a post via Reddit. Hopefully welcoming in sincere testers. The game also works via Proton at a Gold level too.

Blink: Rogues PvP shoot em up Early Access Trailer (Windows, Linux next)

For development, Fox Dive Studio wants more creative freedom. Since they are diving into making games that we’d like to play. Which is where the creation of Blink: Rogues comes from, also their first game.

With inspiration and nostalgia drawing from shmup classics. Such as Raptor, Tyrian 2000 and mechanics from arena titles such as Quake 3. Blink: Rogues is a seamless mix between these type of games. Since the development team remains loyal to the top down vertical scroller genre.
While working on innovation through direct PVP mechanics. Enabling player to jump into your opponent’s screen and chase down a proper frag.

So you can battle friends through split screen multiplayer or, at your own pace. Enjoy a story driven Singleplayer with a strong backing narrative that unlocks with player progression.
The developers are also throwing in a vs AI skirmish mode. Plus a Leader-board system that shows how you stand against worldwide competition.

Blink: Rogues PvP shoot em up is available on Early Access for Windows, priced at $4.99 USD. The Linux release will see support soon, we hope. Steam Play is currently does work as well, so check it out for yourself.

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