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Blockchain Tycoon a cryptocurrency simulation incoming

blockchain tycoon a cryptocurrency simulation incoming for linux and windows

Blockchain Tycoon a cryptocurrency simulation coming soon to Early Access for Window, but Linux as well. Thanks to Game studio Wamill who are eager to announce the coming release on August 9th. And rightfully so.

Linux Support:

“There will be a Linux port through SteamOS. But, it needs more improvements and will be released when it is stable.”

Since this does not confirm a definitive release date. Blockchain Tycoon will be making it’s way to Linux either at release or there after.
Since the developer Wamill is using a custom game engine. We will have to give them a bit of space to create the port. Seeing there is time and effort already going into Early Access development. And to also ensure the release is “stable”.

Blockchain Tycoon is the cryptocurrency simulation/tycoon game where you build your own crypto mining warehouses around the world. Start small, grow your business, HODL, and sell high.

What is unique about it?

It is designed to be as realistic as possible. So this means, players earn the same amount of coins as in real life. They also consume the same amount of electricity. And compete with miners in the simulated world. Since it gets harder to mine coins if there are more miners in the world.

Blockchain Tycoon – Early Access Trailer (Windows and Linux)

Cryptocurrency Simulation Features:

  • Build multiple warehouses around the world.
  • Expand warehouses by buying more rooms.
  • Hire experts to research new features.
  • Upgrade your hardware.
  • Hash rate and earned coin calculations are similar to real world.
  • Other miners in the simulated world are also mining coins. Earning coins gets harder as the competition becomes fierce.
  • Observe the market cap and mining statistics of the world.
  • Warehouse environment effects electricity prices and cooling.
  • Pay the electricity bills for your usage.
  • Coin prices change everyday. Watch changes to make the highest profit.
  • Take loans to expand your business.

Steam Early Access:

Therefore Blockchain Tycoon cryptocurrency simulation will release in Steam Early Access on August 9th. So this will be priced at $9.99 USD. Available on Windows for sure, but also coming to Linux. Hopefully a day-one release.

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