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The Blood Eclipse new maps and support

the blood eclipse new maps linux mac support

The Blood Eclipse a first person violent action adventure has new maps and support for Linux via Steam. All thanks to the efforts of developer Only Human Studios who previous released the game back in October. Now adding Linux and Mac support via Steam.

The Blood Eclipse just released a new post via Steam outlining the newly found support for Linux and Mac.

“3 new maps have been added, Office Building, Hotel, and Sewers, each supporting last one standing. In addition, support for OSX and Linux has also been added, and as a bonus, a new weapon! The minigun.
This update makes the game multiplayer compliant with all mobile versions of the game as well.”

So this is indeed good news. The base game is only $3.99 USD. Which also comes with singleplayer, online multiplayer, online co-op and cross-platform multiplayer. Also letting you can connect with those Windows PC gamers on your friends list. Which seems somewhat similar to that of White Noise 2, but dirt cheap.

The story takes place around a killing that occurs under the Blood Eclipse. But a death is not a death at all. So tonight, the town that experienced a massacre under the Blood Eclipse centuries ago. Are teaching them a lesson.

The Blood Eclipse Teaser Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So in case you haven’t guessed, this is a zombies vs humans scenario. Up to 6 players can play at a time, with up to 4 human heroes and 2 zombie players. While each player chooses the character they’d like to play, then either join or create a match.

Players start in an empty and very creepy house in the middle of a ghost town. Which is of course surrounded by a forest.
Once inside, the humans will have a distinct amount of time to search for weapons and items. Then try to complete the scenario objective.
While the zombies just need to prevent all of this from happening. Simply doing the thing they do best, eating humans (don’t worry you’ll have AI zombies helping you too).

Also due note, The Blood Eclipse is VR compatible. But I can’t confirm whether this works on Linux.

So either way, The Blood Eclipse is playable on Linux, Mac and Windows. Priced at $3.99 USD and worth the adventure if you like a good creepy multiplayer with 3 new maps.

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