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Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises hits Kickstarter

blood oath: when the sword rises medieval open world multiplayer game hits Kickstarter for windows pc linux

Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises medieval open world multiplayer game hits Kickstarter for Windows PC, shows light for Linux. Thanks to developer Distorsion Games. Who just released their crowdfunding campaign. With pledge goal of €150,000 ($174,197 USD) goal by September 21 2020 6:11 AM EDT.

Right now on Kickstarter, Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises debuts the new medieval open world multiplayer. The game is also developed using Unreal Engine 4. Where everyone can do anything as they please. So you can go from crafting weapons to ruling a kingdom or leading troops into battle.

Players will experience a fast-paced close combat action. Which also includes customizable animations to match your combat style. As well as your own strategy with servers up to 1000 players.

Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises will have 2 modes. So both Freemode which is being kickstarted and ArcadeMode. Which also uses Linux as a back bone to it’s functionality.

We have planned to eventually make a port. So we can use our dedicated servers with CentOS and test if a general Linux port will be viable.

So first off, it’s not surprising to see CentOS on their dedicated servers. Since Unreal Engine 4 supports Linux natively, which makes sense for 1000 players. But it’s clear that Distorsion Games are still testing their Linux support. Even though they can’t “ensure you if the game will be released on the platform right now.” They will “eventually make a port.” Which seems like a mixed message, but reading between the lines. This really depends on the Kickstart funding success.

Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises Kickstarter Trailer

Inmerse yourself in politics, create great associations like guilds and organize raids. Then fight for whoever will pay you the most. Or maybe stand out for being the best (and most influential) merchant of the lands.
Players can build a town if there isn’t another one in the same province. Making themselves very useful in gathering resources.

Each faction will have its own leaders, where players will fill the roles of Lords and Kings. Nobles will have a permadeath system of ten lives each. After that, a new noble will be chosen among its vassals.

You’ll be able to marry other player’s sons and daughters. While making ties to forge alliances in the high nobility. And passing the genes over so certain game regions will look alike.

Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises has three main branches of professions; Craftsman, Soldier and Peasant. Every one of them has a tier level which will start another profession tree.

Join the Mercenaries and amass gold and fortune! Mercenaries will have the ability to set camp and move it to another location when they want.

ArcadeMode is a quick match up for those who are searching for an epic brawl. Where 32 players battle up to 4 teams with classics and not so classic game modes. Such as Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Last Team Standing, Capture The Flag and Defense.

There is also no mention of anti-cheat software. Also, backers of the Kickstarter will have access to the ArcadeMode beta!

Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises medieval open world multiplayer game hits Kickstarter. Due to arrive for Windows PC via Steam, September 2021. And with enough support, Linux as well. The crowdfunding campaign is due to hit €150,000 ($174,197 USD) by September 21 2020 6:11 AM EDT.

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