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Bloody Chronicles a new Japanese visual novel

bloody chronicles games a new japanese visual novel for linux mac windows

Bloody Chronicles releases the new Japanese visual novel for Linux, Mac and Windows in Steam games. While a successful Kickstarter back in 2016 helped fund the project. Thanks to indie developer Igrasil Studio, who now releases the gritty, crime thriller visual novel.

Bloody Chronicles is an Early Access title. So players can experience all the currently available content, while providing feedback directly to Igrasil Studio. As they works to perfect various elements of the game’s final version.

A serial killer is on the loose and only you can stop the Phantom. The story focuses on Koyama Kazuki, a young detective employed by Igrasil. An agency that investigates murders that the authorities have deemed unsolvable. While working on several, seemingly unrelated cases, you’ll find clues pointing to the person who killed Kazuki’s parents. So it’s up to you to stop this new cycle of death before it’s too late.

Kazuki’s partners include the crazy and funny Ishikawa siblings. So these are Kaoru Moriyama, the daughter of a millionaire and founder of the organization. And also Suzumi Misao, the head of the organization.

With a delightfully quirky cast. Players will form bonds with the main characters. While trying to solve the overarching case of the Phantom Killer. A criminal with a flawless track record.

Bloody Chronicles Japanese visual novel trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Current and Upcoming Content

So with roughly 30 hours of playtime and dialogue partially voiced in English.  Bloody Chronicles is comes into five action-packed chapters.
Throughout your pursuit of the Phantom Killer. It’s up to you to make decisions that will determine the novel’s outcome.
While players that enjoy replay value can expect around 70 possible decisions to explore. Some of which will even influence Kazuki’s “romantic” relationships with his female colleagues at Igrasil. This is a very unique Japanese visual novel.

Bloody Chronicles is appropriate for all ages. But there will be adult content available for players who wish to experience those aspects of the story.
This also means you can expect four unlockable episodes. These are called “IF MODE”, are releasing soon. These will contain the mature content and feature Igrasil members Aki, Suzumi, Kaoru, and Akito. Releasing alongside this, will be a beach-themed episode offering plenty of fan service.

Later, to close out the series, Bloody Chronicles Acts 2 and 3 will get a release.

Discount and Launch Events

Players can purchase Bloody Chronicles on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games priced at $19.99 USD and also worth the adventure if you appreciate good Japanese writing.

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