Bloody Mary survival horror will stalk you

bloody mary survival horror will stalk you in linux mac windows games

Bloody Mary open-world survival horror games now available for Linux and Mac. Developer Fargamer Studios just released Linux and Mac support. And the game also on sale on Steam. That is if you like stealth and creeping around an old world.

Since Bloody Mary gameplay is all about stealth. Along with narrative and adaptive elements. This lets the player take of these features to survive. It is the player’s role to escape from Mary. Since she is never far and stalking you. It is your job to figure out how to escape from the realm.

What was supposed to be a game turns into a nightmare. As you wake up in a dark, cold cave. You have nothing but your wits and will. As your work to outsmart, outrun and survive. But you always know, something is watching your every move.

Bloody Mary: Forgotten Curse survival horror (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Escape a relentless predator the legend of Bloody Mary. While you learn the secrets of Mary’s realm. Discover the untold mystery. While you explore a vast island lost in time. Working to avoid supernatural enemies with stealth and wit. Do whatever it takes to survive.
The art style seems familiar if you know games like White Noise 2. Maybe more closely related to COLINA: Legacy.


  • Massive playable area with explorable locations
  • An untold mystery the player must solve to escape Bloody Mary
  • Learning, adaptive AI that stalks the player across the map
  • A fully functional day/night cycle the player must manage to survive

Gameplay will have you exploring caves, lagoons, villages and tombs. Then find items from the past to piece together the history of the area. Escape your crazy stalker in an untold mystery. One that only the wise player will unravel. As you work to escape before meeting your own end.

Littered around the realm are whalers. They will alert Mary to the players’ location. Than can also distract Mary for the players. Throwing her off your trail. Stealth, distraction, wit and a careful mind are needed. That is if you can escape this nightmare.

Bloody Mary: Forgotten Curse is available now on Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also discounted 15% off the $9.99 USD price. So check it out.

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