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Bloody Service slasher visual novel due to release

bloody service slasher visual novel due to release soon in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Bloody Service slasher visual novel due to release soon in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie developer CASE. Due to arrive later this month via Steam.

After some delays, the developers are finally announcing the Bloody Service release date. Which is due to arrive on December 21st. And with a new trailer too. Just a heads up: It’s weird.

But what is Bloody Service? The game is a slasher FMV visual novel. Featuring conjoined twins and horrific tennis puns. Think of Carrie as if Carrie had a conjoined twin. And also loved to play tennis and did some coke. The two liner to pitch the game is: They were bullied and humiliated. Now justice will be served.


  • Cinematic Experience: Horror Visual Novel with full FMV support.
  • Multiple Endings: Death is important in slashers, right?
  • Innovative Inventory System: Slots used to keep items have an impact on narrative outcomes.

Bloody Service – Trailer

The plot of Bloody Service follows a board member of the exclusive Hilltop Tennis Club. Who is also the father of two conjoined twins. With the mother dying giving birth to them. Members of the Club hate the 16 year old boys. But since their father is too powerful, they let them be. The twins love tennis; they play switching the racket from one hand to the other. And as a result, the twins are quite good at it.

Where the Bloody Service story makes its turn. The twin’s father dies, and things change fast. All his fortune goes to Sophia, a first cousin once removed. Bloody Service At least until the twins turn eighteen. Sophia hates them and thinks they are some sort of God’s punishment. And they suffer a great deal. On top of that, their membership from the Hilltop Tennis Club is no longer valid. As a result, they face public humiliation and open bullying.

Some weeks later, the Hilltop Tennis Club organizes a party. Celebrating 90 years since the opening and every member is there. Even though the conjoined twins do not receive an invite. They decide to go to the party.

In Bloody Service you are a catering waiter. So you are serving rich people in an exclusive and quite boring party. But when the conjoined twins arrive…

The slasher visual novel is due to release soon via Steam. Bloody Service will make its debut in Linux gaming with Mac and Windows PC. Things are going to get bloody on December 21st.

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