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Bomb Club Deluxe launches explosive puzzles

bomb club deluxe launches a game with explosive puzzles on linux mac windows pc

Bomb Club Deluxe launches a game with explosive puzzles on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the efforts and creativity of Antoine Latour. Available now on Steam along with positive reviews.

If you like stuff that goes BOOM, Bomb Club Deluxe has you covered. Build your arsenal of whacky bombs, put aside any concept of health, and safety. While you create awesome chain reactions in Antoine Latour’s new puzzle game.

Bomb Club Deluxe makes feel right at home. Letting you join a bunch of bomb fanatics in their quest to clean up the place. Doing so the only way they know how: by blowing stuff up.
Indie developer Antoine Latour offers up a puzzle game that will make you look directly at the explosions. While you grab a pair of safety goggles and check out the trailer.

Bomb Club Deluxe – Trailer

Due note, Bomb Club Deluxe features the eponymous Bomb Club and their quest to find out who scattered bombs everywhere. Place your own explosives in a strategic manner and try to detonate them all in one single chain reaction. All due to clean up the place! Put hats on them to give them additional effects. You can also try to launch the fireworks to increase your score! As you progress through the map, new bombs will be added to your arsenal and new challenges will open up. Plus, the bomb slinging troublemaker you’re after can’t be far, so stay alert.

The explosive puzzles of Bomb Club Deluxe are available for all, along with a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.


  • More than 20 bombs and a dozen hats to discover as you travel the world
  • More than 200 hand-made levels
  • A vast non-linear map to explore, full of surprises and optional levels
  • Easy to pick up, hard to master. You’ll never be stuck, but prepare to be challenged if you want to be!
  • A loveable cast of characters
  • A full story and dialogues to keep you engaged. Those can be skipped if you’re only here for the puzzles!
  • Colorful, comic-like visuals, and a soundtrack inspired by videogame classics.
  • Fully translated in English and French
  • Soundtrack as a free DLC

Bomb Club Deluxe explosive puzzles launch on Steam. Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, with a Demo. All priced at just $6.79 USD / £4.92 / 5,51€, including the 15% discount until March 8th.

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