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BOMBFEST party game launches onto Steam

bombfest party game launches onto steam for linux windows

BOMBFEST frantic party game launches onto Windows, but Linux is not far off. Thanks to Sudden Event Studios and Whitethorn Digital. Now that their frantic blast of a party game releases. BOMBFEST is now available on Steam. And it looks like crazy good fun.

BOMBFEST is all about trying to be that last player standing. Since it’s your job to battle with bombs. A local multiplayer game for you and up to three friends.
So whoever’s left standing at the end of each round, earns the most points. And of course the player with the most points at the end, wins.

Therefore it’s up to you to duke it out. Doing so in wooden forts and on folding chairs. As well as inside the kitchen sink. Whiles you attempt to eliminate your foes. But not to get get caught in chain reaction explosions.

Linux release:

BOMBFEST was built in Unity. And we hope to explore a Linux build in the near future!”

There is no scheduled release date yet. But the game just released on Steam. So there might be some fixes and tweaks first. Then a Linux build.

The gameplay from the trailer below looks kind of cute. The concept is simple. But I can see where there could be mishap. You know, every dropping bombs in an area. While you casually try to avoid other players, then boom.

BOMBFEST also features 2-button controls. Simple mechanics that are quick to learn and fun to master. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert gamer or a party game novice either.

BOMBFEST Gameplay (Windows, soon Linux)


  • 4-player, local-multiplayer for friendly battles or settling grudges
  • 10 unique bombs for blowing away the competition
  • 12 hand-crafted stages for you to duke it out on
  • Plenty of options and modifiers to customize your experience
  • Unlock new bombs, stages, characters, and more as you play
  • Free content updates after launch are in our plans as well! Including new bombs, stages, characters, and accessories to unlock

BOMBFEST available on Steam Windows, priced at $19.99 USD. The Linux build is not too far off. So Wishlist on Steam.

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